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Title: Jesse Carlton, Author: Daniel Wise
Title: Spring Notes From Tennessee, Author: Bradford Torrey
Title: The Adventures Of Pinocchio, Author: C Collodi
Title: Oliver Twist: Vol. I (of 3), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Mr Punch's Animal Land, Author: Edward Tennyson Reed
Title: Old Santeclaus with Much Delight: The Children's Friend: A New-Year's Present, to the Little Ones from Five to Twelve, Author: Anonymous
Title: Notre-Dame de Paris: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Author: Victor Hugo
Title: My Family Storybook, Author: Gwendolyn Leavell
Title: Oliver Twist: Vol. III (of 3), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Single In America, Author: A. Natalie Gora
Title: Rudin: A Novel, Author: Ivan Turgenev
Title: The Wizard of West Penwith, Author: William Bentinck Forfar
Title: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Author: Harriet Jacobs
Title: My Pet
Title: Wild Animals I Have Known, Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
Title: Firefly Lullaby, Author: Karen A. Blackburn
Title: Ethan's Misadventures in Midgaard, Author: Alecia Berman-Dry
Title: The Old Curiosity Shop, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Captains of Industry Men of Business Who Did Other Than Making Money: [Vintage 1884], Author: James Parton
Title: Persuasion, Author: Jane Austen

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