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Title: the Duel on Shadow Hill, Author: The Orator
Title: How Blue Boy Crumpets Became a Special Christmas Elf, Author: Jude Garrison
Title: The Eye of Tanub, Author: M.E. Cunningham
Title: Hook Club, Author: Ashlynn Elliott
#4 in Series
Title: Baibal Pari Guai, Author: Edward Duncan Hughes
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Title: Apple Batter Up, Author: Cheryl McNeil Fisher
Title: Life Through the Eyes of a 10 year Old, Author: Ishan Khire
Title: Tania's Costume Party, Author: Kanika G
#8 in Series
Title: The Queen's Cat 'First Year at The Palace', Author: D Rossmaur
Title: Eden Animal Wars, Author: Michael Kitterman
Title: Willie the Wiener: Willie's Wiener Beginning, Author: Gared Davidson
Title: George and the Aliens: Placing COVID-19 in a Context Suitable for Children, Author: Charlie Sendrowski
Title: Bears For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers, Author: Zahra Jazeel
Title: Shannon and Ally at the Cabin, Author: Kate Everson
#5 in Series
Title: Brooke's Big Surgery, Author: Julie Meritt
Title: Histórias Curtas Para Crianças: Incríveis Aventuras Animais - Vol. 5, Author: Carl D. Nuttall
Title: Lulu Lopez Vs. the Wicked Witch of West Texas: A Magical Time-travel Odyssey, Author: Zelda del West
Title: Spring Onions, Author: Ian Wood
Title: Isabella's Birthday, Author: Fay Johnson
Title: Amira Has a Red Dress, Author: Cally Finsbury

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