2023 Private Pilot Test Prep: Study and prepare for your pilot FAA Knowledge Exam

2023 Private Pilot Test Prep: Study and prepare for your pilot FAA Knowledge Exam

by ASA Test Prep Board
2023 Private Pilot Test Prep: Study and prepare for your pilot FAA Knowledge Exam

2023 Private Pilot Test Prep: Study and prepare for your pilot FAA Knowledge Exam

by ASA Test Prep Board

Paperback(2023 Edition)

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Study and prepare for your pilot FAA knowledge exam, Pass your test and know what is essential to to become a safe, competent pilot-from the most trusted source in aviation training. Rely on the time-proven and dependable ASA Private Pilot Test Prep to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam. Test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter and includes introductory text and illustrations, questions, answer choices, answers, explanations (for correct and incorrect answers), and references for further study. This topical study promotes understanding and aids recall to provide an efficient study guide. When you're done studying, take practice tests and receive your test authorization (endorsement) with ASA's online simulated testing program at no additional cost! The ASA Test Prep includes the figures, legends, and full-color charts from the FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement so you'll be familiar with the information you'll be issued at the testing center. You can count on ASA to provide you with the latest changes in the FAA Knowledge Exams through a free email subscription service and updates. ASA's Private Pilot Test Prep is the pilot's best resource for successful test-taking. Questions for all Private, Recreational, and Sport Pilot FAA Knowledge Exams; airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air, powered parachute, and weight-shift control, Explanations for correct and incorrect answers, FAA references for further study, and airman test report codes for remedial study, Figures from the FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement, Organization by subject with introductory text for efficient and logical study, Private Pilot Certificate requirements, 5 free online practice tests and test authorization, Test-taking tips and quick cross-references for easy question-finding, Free online updates and subscription service to stay informed of test changes

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644252475
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
Publication date: 11/29/2022
Series: ASA Test Prep Series
Edition description: 2023 Edition
Pages: 392
Sales rank: 112,374
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. (ASA) is an industry leader in the development and sale of aviation supplies and publications for pilots, flight instructors, flight engineers, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, aviation maintenance technicians, and drone operators. We manufacture and publish more than 1,000 products, and have been providing trusted and reliable training materials to the aviation industry for 80 years.

Table of Contents


Updates and Practice Tests vi

Introduction vii

Description of the Tests viii

Knowledge Test Registration ix

Knowledge Test Eligibility x

Acceptable Materials xi

Testing Procedures for Applicants Requesting Special Accommodations xi

Test Reports xii

Retesting Procedures xii

Cheating or Other Unauthorized Conduct xii

Test-Taking Tips xiv

Pilot Certificate Eligibility Requirements xv

Acronyms xix

Knowledge Exam References xxi

ASA Test Prep Layout xxii

Chapter 1 Basic Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Terms 1-3

Axes of Rotation and the Four Forces Acting in Flight 1-6

Lift 1-7

Weight 1-7

Thrust 1-7

Drag 1-8

Stability 1-10

Turns, Loads, and Load Factors 1-12

Maneuvers 1-16

Rectangular Course 1-16

Turns Around a Point 1-16

S-Turns 1-17

Stalls and Spins 1-19

Flaps 1-20

Ground Effect 1-21

Wake Turbulence 1-23

Chapter 2 Aircraft Systems

Reciprocating Engines 2-3

Ignition and Electrical Systems 2-4

Fuel Induction Systems 2-6

Carburetor Ice 2-7

Aviation Fuel 2-10

Engine Temperatures 2-12

Propellers 2-15

Torque 2-16

Preflight Inspection Procedures 2-18

Helicopter Systems 2-19

Glider Operations 2-26

Lighter-Than-Air Operations 2-33

Powered Parachute and Weight-Shift Control Operations 2-41

Gyroplane 2-48

Chapter 3 Flight Instruments

Pitot-Static Instruments 3-3

Airspeeds and the Airspeed Indicator 3-4

The Altimeter and Altitudes 3-8

Gyroscopic Instruments 3-13

Attitude Indicator 3-13

Turn Coordinator 3-13

Heading Indicator 3-13

Magnetic Compass (Northern Hemisphere) 3-15

Chapter 4 Regulations

Introduction 4-3

Pilot Certificate Privileges and Limitations 4-3

Pilot Ratings 4-9

Medical Certificates 4-10

Required Certificates 4-13

Recent Flight Experience 4-14

High-Performance Airplanes 4-16

Glider Towing 4-17

Change of Address 4-18

Responsibility and Authority of the Pilot-in-Command 4-18

Preflight Action 4-20

Seatbelts 4-22

Alcohol and Drugs 4-23

Right-of-Way Rules 4-25

Parachutes 4-27

Deviation from Air Traffic Control Instructions 4-28

Minimum Safe Altitudes 4-29

Basic VFR Weather Minimums 4-30

Special VFR Weather Minimums 4-34

VFR Cruising Altitudes 4-35

Categories of Aircraft 4-37

Formation Flight and Dropping Objects 4-38

VFR Flight Plans 4-38

Speed Limits 4-39

Airworthiness 4-40

Maintenance and Inspections 4-42

Light-Sport Repairman Certificates 4-43

ADs, ACs, and NOTAMs 4-47

Accident Reporting Requirements 4-51

Chapter 5 Procedures and Airport Operations

Uncontrolled and Tower-Controlled Airports 5-3

Airport Markings and Signs 5-6

Airport Lighting 5-14

Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) 5-15

Surface Operations 5-18

Chart Supplements U.S 5-21

Fitness for Flight 5-23

Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) 5-27

Collision Avoidance 5-34

Aircraft Lighting 5-37

Chapter 6 Weather

The Heating of the Earth 6-3

Circulation and Wind 6-4

Temperature 6-5

Moisture 6-6

Air Masses and Fronts 6-8

Stability of the Atmosphere 6-9

Clouds 6-10

Turbulence 6-14

Thunderstorms 6-15

Wind Shear 6-18

Icing 6-19

Fog 6-21

Frost 6-22

Chapter 7 Weather Services

Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) 7-3

Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs) (UA) 7-5

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) 7-7

Graphical Forecasts for Aviation (GFA) 7-8

Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast (FB) 7-9

Inflight Weather Advisories (WA, WS, WST) 7-10

Obtaining a Telephone Weather Briefing 7-12

Chapter 8 Aircraft Performance

Weight and Balance 8-3

Airplane 8-4

Weight-Shift Control 8-4

Powered Parachute 8-4

Computing Weight and Balance Problems Using a Table 8-6

Computing Weight and Balance Problems Using a Graph 8-12

Density Altitude and Aircraft Performance 8-24

Takeoff Distance 8-30

Cruise Power Setting Table 8-34

Landing Distance Graphs and Tables 8-36

Headwind and Crosswind Component Graph 8-42

Maximum Range Performance 8-44

Chapter 9 Enroute Flight

Pilotage 9-3

Time 9-5

Topography 9-8

Dead Reckoning 9-11

Plotting Courses 9-11

Magnetic Variation 9-12

Magnetic Deviation 9-14

Wind and Its Effects 9-14

The Wind Triangle 9-17

The Flight Computer (E6-B) 9-18

Finding Wind Correction Angle (WCA) and Ground Speed (GS) 9-18

Flight Computer Calculator Face 9-20

Finding Time, Rate, and Distance 9-21

Calculating Fuel Consumption 9-23

Finding True Airspeed and Density Altitude 9-24

Airspace 9-32

Chapter 10 Navigation

VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) 10-3

VOR Orientation 10-3

Course Determination 10-6

VOR Airways 10-8

VOR Receiver Check Points 10-9

Global Positioning System (GPS) 10-10

Chapter 11 Communication Procedures Phraseology, Techniques, and Procedures 11-3

Airport Traffic Area Communications and Light Signals 11-8

Flight Plans 11-10

Radar Assistance to VFR Aircraft 11-11

Transponder and ADS-B Requirements 11-13

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) 11-17

Cross References

A Question Number and Page Number A-1

B Airman Knowledge Test Report Codes and Question Numbers B-1

FAA Figures

Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, Remote Pilot, and Private Pilot (FAA-CT-8080-2H)

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