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Premium Membership and Rewards!

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Collect stamps to save with Rewards
1 stamp for every $10 spent in a purchase.1
10 stamps = $5 reward

eBooks and audiobooks included
10% off almost everything on and in Barnes & Noble stores2
Audiobooks included
10% off almost everything in Paper Source stores3
FREE shipping with no minimum purchase4
A tote every Premium Membership year
(up to $19.99 value)5
10% off the regular price of NOOK devices and accessories. See Details
One free eBook per month6
Free upgrade to next size beverage7
Free B&N Café treat and Paper Source craft for your children’s birthdays8
Special offer for your birthday9
Exclusive early access to special editions and events
Exclusive deals & offers
Yearly Cost
Includes B&N Rewards!
Barnes & Noble | Paper Source Rewards
Collect Stamps
Every Time You Shop
Earn 1 stamp for every $10 spent in a purchase
10 stamps = $5 reward

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Download the free B&N app and track your stamps and rewards! The Reward Tracker shows exactly how many stamps you have earned and how many more you have to go until your next $5 reward.

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B&N Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. Exclusions apply. Digital Audiobook subscriptions and Digital Audiobooks purchased with credits excluded. Email address is required for enrollment in B&N Rewards. Rewards do not expire unless Member’s account is terminated or cancelled. Stamps do not expire unless there is no activity on the account for over 12 months or Member’s account is terminated or cancelled.
  2. Exclusions apply. See Details.
  3. Available in Paper Source stores only. Benefits currently not applicable on
  4. Free Shipping exclusions apply. Only eligible on orders shipping in the USA. See B&N Membership Free Shipping.
  5. Premium Members are eligible for a free tote bag annually upon payment of the Member fee. Visit your local B&N store to pick up your tote bag. Value based on current price in B&N retail stores. Value varies by style.
  6. Choose one (1) free eBook each month from a list of eligible eBooks. Coupon code required. See Landing Page for details.
  7. Applied as a discount on the ordered beverage to the price of the next smaller size (if available). Limit one discount of one (1) prepared beverage per Premium Membership transaction in Cafés owned and operated by Barnes & Noble.
  8. Benefit limited to children 12 or under listed by their parents or legal guardian under the “Children” section of the Premium Membership profile on Offer delivered to parent or guardian by email. Must have a valid email address on file.
  9. Offer delivered by email. Must have a valid email address on file.
  10. The design of your Membership card will be reflective of the brand you sign up with.