Title: Transatlantic Literary Ecologies: Nature and Culture in the Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Atlantic World / Edition 1, Author: Kevin Hutchings
Title: Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Routledge Study Guide and Sourcebook / Edition 1, Author: Debra J. Rosenthal
Title: A Historical Guide to Edgar Allan Poe / Edition 1, Author: J. Gerald Kennedy
Title: The Temple of Culture: Assimilation and Anti-Semitism in Literary Anglo-America, Author: Jonathan Freedman
Title: The Cambridge Companion to American Realism and Naturalism: From Howells to London / Edition 1, Author: Donald Pizer
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Title: Race Mixture in Nineteenth-Century U.S. and Spanish American Fictions: Gender, Culture, and Nation Building / Edition 1, Author: Debra J. Rosenthal
Title: Writing Deafness: The Hearing Line in Nineteenth-Century American Literature / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Krentz
Title: White Lies: Melville's Narratives of Facts / Edition 1, Author: John Samson
Title: Puddn'head Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 2, Author: Mark Twain
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Title: Catastrophe and Imagination: English and American Writings from 1870 to 1950 / Edition 1, Author: John McCormick
Title: Private Fleming at Chancellorsville: The Red Badge of Courage and the Civil War, Author: Perry Lentz
Title: Owning Up: Privacy, Property, and Belonging in U.S. Women's Life Writing, Author: Katherine Adams
Title: Mark Twain: The Contemporary Reviews, Author: Louis Budd
Title: Between Profits and Primitivism: Shaping White Middle-Class Masculinity in the U.S., 1880-1917 / Edition 1, Author: Athena Devlin
Title: Mark Twain: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn: Essays, Articles, Reviews, Author: Stuart Hutchinson
Title: The Sea and Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literary Culture / Edition 1, Author: Steve Mentz
Title: At Emerson's Tomb: The Politics of Classic American Literature, Author: John Carlos Rowe
Title: New Essays on Billy Budd, Author: Donald Yannella
Title: Spiritual Interrogations: Culture, Gender, and Community in Early African American Women's Writing / Edition 1, Author: Katherine Clay Bassard
Title: The House of the Seven Gables: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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