Title: New Essays on Uncle Tom's Cabin, Author: Eric J. Sundquist
Title: Mark Twain: The Contemporary Reviews, Author: Louis Budd
Title: Panic!: Markets, Crises, and Crowds in American Fiction / Edition 1, Author: David A. Zimmerman
Title: The Limits of Sisterhood: The Beecher Sisters on Women's Rights and Woman's Sphere / Edition 1, Author: Jeanne Boydston
Title: Some Wild Visions: Autobiographies by Female Itinerant Evangelists in Nineteenth-Century America, Author: Elizabeth Elkin Grammer
Title: A Companion to Melville Studies, Author: John Bryant
Title: Prophetic Pictures: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Knowledge and Uses of the Visual Arts, Author: Sterling K. Eisiminger
Title: Impossible Witnesses: Truth, Abolitionism, and Slave Testimony, Author: Dwight McBride
Title: Race, Rape, and Lynching: The Red Record of American Literature, 1890-1912 / Edition 1, Author: Sandra Gunning
Title: Strange Jeremiahs: Civil Religion and the Literary Imaginations of Jonathan Edwards, Herman Melville, and W. E. B. Du Bois, Author: Carole Lynn Stewart
Title: The Rise of Multicultural America: Economy and Print Culture, 1865-1915 / Edition 1, Author: Susan L. Mizruchi
Title: Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Routledge Study Guide and Sourcebook / Edition 1, Author: Debra J. Rosenthal
Title: Open Secrets: The Literature of Uncounted Experience / Edition 1, Author: Anne-Lise François
Title: Romantic Education in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: National and Transatlantic Contexts / Edition 1, Author: Monika Elbert
Title: Catastrophe and Imagination: English and American Writings from 1870 to 1950 / Edition 1, Author: John McCormick
Title: Hawthorne's Romances: Social Drama and the Metaphor of Geometry / Edition 1, Author: Robert S. Friedman
Title: Was Huck Black?: Mark Twain and African-American Voices / Edition 1, Author: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Title: Turn of the Screw: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 2, Author: Henry James
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Title: Cultures of Letters: Scenes of Reading and Writing in Nineteenth-Century America / Edition 1, Author: Richard H. Brodhead
Title: American Memory in Henry James: Void and Value / Edition 1, Author: William Righter

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