Title: The Haters (Sampler), Author: Jesse Andrews
Title: Blades Of Magic, Author: Terah Edun
#1 in Series
Title: A Pivot in Time, Author: John Dombrowsky
Title: Awakening into Dreams: Part II of the Fabula Fereganae Cycle, Author: Will Davidson
Title: The Round Loaf, Author: David Hockey
Title: It's Time To Rhyme!, Author: Jennifer Palmer
Title: The Real World, Author: Jacob Long
Title: Heart-Wrenching Reads: Exclusive Candlewick Press Sampler, Author: John M. Cusick
Title: Timid Amelia, Author: BD Branchy
Title: Stray: Touchstone Part 1, Author: Andrea K Höst
#1 in Series
Title: The Hunted (Blood Series Book 0), Author: T. Lynne Tolles
Title: TVY: Designated Rebirth, Author: Leo Crawford
Title: Gatebreaker, Author: Michelle Wilson
#1 in Series
Title: Bound to the Alpha: Book #1 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore, Author: Bella Lore
Title: Unexpected Hero, Author: Craig Goodwin
Title: Dragon's Awakening, Author: Sean Fletcher
#1 in Series
Title: A Halflings Rescue, Author: Heather Burch
Explore Series
Title: Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A YA Paranormal Story, Author: Rusty Fischer
Title: Through the Swirling Cloud, Author: Kim Bond
Title: Samara: A Kilenya Romance, Author: Andrea Pearson

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