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Title: Dance of Thieves Sneak Peek, Author: Mary E. Pearson
Title: Deliverance, Author: Coffie O. Lore
Title: Kingmaker, Author: Eric Zawadzki
Title: Now Is Your Chance, Author: Bradley Charbonneau
#1 in Series
Title: Weeping Willow (Part One), Author: Sandra Madera
#1 in Series
Title: Off Course: Nothing will be the same for Mila ever again., Author: Tiffany Noelle Chacon
Title: A Bloom Of Ruins, Author: J.L. Sawyer
#1 in Series
Title: Square One: Origins of Sekhmet Book Three, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: Demon Daze, Author: Deb Logan
#1 in Series
Title: Waxing Darkness, Author: Jose Luis Solorzano
Title: Ladrão de Sonhos, Author: Quita Miguel
Title: Protector, Author: Joanne Wadsworth
#1 in Series
Title: Forsaken Path: Prequel to The Coalesce Academy, Author: Harriet James
Title: Dracula Everlasting, Volume 2, Author: Nunzio DeFilippis
Title: A Spark Of Magic: Chosen Saga Book One, Author: J. L. Clayton
Title: Kiera's Moon, Author: Lizzy Ford
Title: Get a Taste of Pulseit!: Free Pulseit eSampler, Author: Shannon Messenger
Title: Attaque Extraterrestre (Les Chroniques de lInvasion, Tome I) : Un Thriller de Science-fiction, Author: Morgan Rice
#1 in Series
Title: Square One: Origins of Sekhmet Book Five, Author: Aaron Solomon
Title: When We Made Men, Author: Tito O'tobi

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