Title: (Un)Bury Your Gays: and Other Queer Tales, Author: Clinton W. Waters
Title: -30-, Author: Clinton W. Waters
Title: A Bone in His Teeth, Author: Kellen Graves
Best Books of 2022
Title: A Broken Blade (The Halfling Saga #1), Author: Melissa Blair
Title: A Broken Winter, Author: Kale Night
Title: A Case of Possession, Author: Kj Charles
Title: A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale: The Complete Epic Fantasy Saga, Author: Candace Blevins
Title: A Day at Georgie and Armand's Place, Author: Ian Brazee-cannon
Title: A Different Light, Author: Elizabeth A. Lynn
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Title: A Dose of Infirmity, Author: C. M. Lokken
Title: A Dose of Power, Author: C.M. Lokken
Title: A Dragon Will Rise: An Asian Fantasy Novella, Author: Erynn Lehtonen
Title: A Dusk By Any Other Name, Author: Vincent Drake
Title: A Face without a Heart, Author: Rick R. Reed
Title: A Fated Love, Author: Domina Alexandra
#2 in Series
Title: A Harmony of Fire and Earth, Author: Antonia Aquilante
Title: A Hired Blade: An Everlands Cycle Novella, Author: J.C. Rycroft
Title: A Kiss of Glass, Author: J. D. Brubaker
Title: A Land of Never After: A Peter Pan Retelling, Author: R. L. Davennor
Title: A Legacy of Intertwined Secrets, Author: Amanda N. Newman

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