Title: 6 Hour Guide to Protecting Your Assets: How to Protect Your Hard Earned Assets From Creditors and Claimants, Author: Martin M. Shenkman
Title: A Book of Legal Lists: The Best and Worst in American Law, with 150 Court and Judge Trivia Questions, Author: Bernard Schwartz
Title: A Conservative and Compassionate Approach to Immigration Reform: Perspectives from a Former US Attorney General, Author: Alberto R. Gonzales
Title: A Cooperative Approach to Local Economic Development, Author: Christophe Merrett
Title: A Difference of Reason, Author: Nancy E. Rourke
Title: A Guide to Federal Contracting, Author: Dan Lindner
Title: A History of American Law, Author: Lawrence M. Friedman
Title: A Legislative History of the Taiwan Relations Act: Bridging the Strait, Author: Martin B. Gold
Title: A Nonprofit Lawyer, Author: Bruce R. Hopkins
Title: A People Armed and Free: The Truth About the Second Amendment, Author: Jack Reynolds J. D.
Title: A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method / Edition 6, Author: John C. Dernbach
Title: A Reasonable Public Servant: Constitutional Foundations of Administrative Conduct in the United States, Author: Lily Xiao Hong Lee
Title: A Right to Bear Arms: State and Federal Bills of Rights and Constitutional Guarantees, Author: Stephen P. Halbrook
Title: A Sister's Memories: The Life and Work of Grace Abbott from the Writings of Her Sister, Edith Abbott, Author: John Sorensen
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Title: A Systematic View of the Science of Jurisprudence, Author: Sheldon Amos
Title: A Voting Rights Odyssey: Black Enfranchisement in Georgia, Author: Laughlin McDonald
Title: A Voting Rights Odyssey: Black Enfranchisement in Georgia / Edition 1, Author: Laughlin McDonald
Title: A Well-Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America, Author: Saul  Cornell

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