Title: Medical Licensure and Discipline in the United States, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: Contemporary Issues in Biomedical Ethics / Edition 1, Author: John W. Davis
Title: Biomedical Ethics and the Law / Edition 1, Author: James M. Humber
Title: Mental Illness: Law and Public Policy, Author: B.A. Brody
Title: The World Population Crisis: Policy Implications and the Role of Law, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: Legal Aspects of Health Policy: Issues and Trends, Author: George Mckray
Title: The Law-Medicine Relation: A Philosophical Exploration: Proceedings of the Eighth Trans-Disciplinary Symposium on Philosophy and Medicine Held at Farmington, Connecticut, November 9-11, 1978 / Edition 1, Author: S.F. Spicker
Title: Who Speaks for the Child?: The Problems of Proxy Consent, Author: Willard Gaylin
Title: Who Decides?: Conflicts of Rights in Health Care / Edition 1, Author: Nora K. Bell
Title: I, Pierre Riviére, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother: A Case of Parricide in the 19th Century, Author: Michel Foucault
Title: Regulation of Pharmaceuticals:Balancing the Benefits and Risks, Author: John M. Vernon
Title: Medicare and Medicaid: The 1965 and 1967 Social Security Amendments, Author: Greg M. Shaw
Title: The Professional Psychologist's Handbook, Author: Bruce D. Sales
Title: Mentally Disordered Offenders: Perspectives from Law and Social Science, Author: John Monahan
Title: The Hunters or the Hunted?: An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy / Edition 1, Author: C. K. Brain
Title: Abortion: A Case Study in Law and Morals, Author: Fred M. Frohock
Title: Resolving Grievances in the Nursing Home: A Study of the Ombudsman Program, Author: Abraham Monk
Title: Ethics and Mental Retardation / Edition 1, Author: J.C. Moskop
Title: Mental Health, Social Policy and the Law, Author: Tom Butler
Title: A History and Theory of Informed Consent, Author: Ruth R. Faden

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