Title: Watergate: Chronology of a Crisis / Edition 1, Author: SAGE Publications
Title: One Night in America: Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, and the Dream of Dignity / Edition 1, Author: Steven W. Bender
Title: A Companion to the Vietnam War / Edition 1, Author: Marilyn B. Young
Title: A Companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter / Edition 1, Author: Scott Kaufman
Title: The Tragedy of Vietnam, Author: Patrick Hearden
Title: Superpowers Defeated: Vietnam and Afghanistan Compared / Edition 1, Author: Douglas A. Borer
Title: The Myth of Inevitable US Defeat in Vietnam / Edition 1, Author: Dale Walton
Title: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam: The Unmaking of a President, Author: Herbert Y. Schandler
Title: Social Controversy and Public Address in the 1960s and Early 1970s: A Rhetorical History of the United States, Volume IX, Author: Richard J. Jensen
Title: The Vietnam War: The Diplomacy of War / Edition 1, Author: Walter L. Hixson
Title: Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning: The World Of A Combat Division In Vietnam, Author: Eric M Bergerud
Title: Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam / Edition 2, Author: Kyle Longley
Title: Divided Loyalties: American Unions and the Vietnam War, Author: Frank Koscielski
Title: Pacification: The American Struggle For Vietnam's Hearts And Minds, Author: Richard A Hunt
Title: Coming To Terms: Indochina, The United States, And The War, Author: Douglas Allen
Title: Vietnam Trauma in American Foreign Policy: 1945-75, Author: Paul M. Kattenburg
Title: In Search of Nixon: A Psychohistorical Inquiry, Author: Bruce Mazlish
Title: A Companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter, Author: Scott Kaufman
Title: The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War: Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships, Part I: 1945-1960, Author: William Conrad Gibbons
Title: Watergate and the Resignation of Richard Nixon: Impact of a Constitutional Crisis, Author: Harry P. Jeffrey

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