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Working in the Light: Daily Reflections

Working in the Light: Daily Reflections

by Starsha Dawn


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Working in the light will take us on a journey to heal the world and improve ourselves, with topics to reflect on for each day of the year. As we move forward on our spiritual paths, we are light workers, letting God's light flow through us and out to where it is needed - in ourselves and in our world. Light workers, join with me. We have work to do in the light!

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ISBN-13: 9781504392778
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/07/2017
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.84(d)

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January 1

Walking the Path Together

January gets its name from the ancient god Janus, who has two faces — one looking forward and the other looking backward. To start off this new year, take a cue from Janus. First turn around and gaze back along the path you followed this past year. Have you moved forward from where you started? Do you see obstacles you have overcome? Lessons you've learned? Have you grown in understanding?

Perhaps there have been crises and pain, separations and difficulties, endings and beginnings. These were the hilly and rocky parts of the path. Aren't you relieved you've crossed through those badlands?

Now, like Janus, look forward to this brand-new year. A new part of the path spreads before you. Do you embrace it with eagerness, or do you worry about the hills and rocks that might be there?

You need not fear. You are not alone. There are kindred souls whose paths cross yours, some even merging with your path. Your teachers and guides are close at hand. Your higher self goes with you, and your obedient subconscious too.

Let us join hands and set off together on the journey of this new year. United, we strengthen and comfort each other. United, we aid and heal the earth. Let us enjoy this adventure of Spirit's making, this step toward forever.

January 2

Log On

Today, let's borrow a term from the computer field and "log on." We are going to the real World Wide Web. Today, we all have the same code name: lightworker. Let's type it in and see what comes up on the screen:

L i g h t w o r k e r (enter)

Welcome! You have joined the Network of Light. Click here to join our projection zone.


Unite with us today and picture a tightly woven World Wide Web of light — our combined light — as we each ask Spirit within us to pour light down through us and then out to link with the World Wide Web of lightworkers. See the planet aglow, revving up its vibration, casting off its darkness and debris. Hold this light with us every day.

We link awhile and then click on the High-Self Chat Room.

Welcome, most beloved! I am your High Self, the I Am within you. Do you have a question?

Go ahead and type in your question, knowing you will be answered in Spirit's time. Keep this website address in your heart and log on often.

January 3

Brightly Wrapped Packages

There you are in a new setting, a place you've never been before. It may be on a plane, at a shopping mall, in a new job or school, or even in a new town where you've just moved. Does the newness and strangeness bother you? Do you feel a little uneasy meeting new people or being alone in a crowd? This need not happen if you can trust that Spirit has presented you with a new adventure.

You can turn anxiety into excitement and pleasure if you can see the new situation as a brightly wrapped package. What could be inside? Could there be a smile, a kind word, a pleasant conversation? Could you be receiving a new idea, accepting an offer of assistance, or sharing a laugh?

Everywhere you go, there are interesting people just waiting to be discovered. There might even be a new friend in the crowd or a fellow lightworker. What a wonderful adventure awaits you. What marvelous gifts Spirit leaves here and there for you. But most of these gifts are wrapped, and their contents concealed. You must do your part to discover the gifts. So go ahead — pull off the wrappings and open the boxes. Treasures await inside.

January 4

Pushing Your Buttons

There you sit with emotions wounded, telling your best friend the sad story of how you are being terribly mistreated. You describe the affronts, believing your friend will reply, "Oh, you poor thing! How terribly you've been abused!" But instead, when you pause for breath, your friend gives you a puzzled look and says, "Well, I really don't see why you are so upset. It doesn't seem so bad to me."

You stare at your friend in disbelief, thinking, Has she lost her mind? Can't she see how horrible these events were?

Your friend continues, "Perhaps you are reacting too strongly. Maybe this situation has pushed one of your buttons."

There is the key. If people who know and love you can't see why you should be so upset at a situation, perhaps it is time for a review of your buttons. We all have some triggers from past experiences. Perhaps a jealousy button, a fear button, a rejection button. We all tend to read meaning into situations from nonverbal as well as ambiguous verbal cues. Might we be seeing a lack of a prompt response to a request as a rejection because we were rejected before? Might we see an act of careless inattention as a deliberate affront because of something that happened in our past?

If there is a current situation that produces an unreasonably strong reaction, perhaps a button has been pushed. The realization that this has happened allows us to remove the automatic responses from the past and reevaluate the situation on its own merits. Has anything pushed your buttons lately?

January 5

The Copper-Bottom Pot

You are standing at the sink with a large job to do. In your hand is a copper-bottom pot that has a thick crust of burnt-on black grease. You have a scrubbing pad in your hand, and you begin.

Rub, rub, rub, scrub, scrub, scrub, puff, puff, rub, rub, rub, puff, puff, rub. You pause to wipe the sweat from your brow. Your fingers are turning to soapy prunes. But as you wash off the soap to take a look, you are discouraged to see you have made very little headway with the pot.

You ready yourself for a second assault. You widen your stance, get a death grip on the pot, and resume your task with a vigor bordering on mania. You throw your shoulders and hips into the scrubbing dance. Another rinse, and you are just starting to see a tiny section of the shiny copper emerging in all its glory, taunting you to scrub some more.

What is this copper-bottom pot? It is us — encrusted with erroneous ways, untruths, and attitudes of the lower self. Our mission in this lifetime is to work with vigor and determination to scrub the pot clean until our iridescent light emerges in all its glory.

Already the little spots we've cleaned glow and attract people, and we, likewise, are attracted to the bright spots in others. Let us remember today that those people we see on the news or meet in person who seem all covered in grime have that same glorious glow underneath.

January 6

One Million Times

Have you ever found a person in your life who truly loves you, no matter what? This could be a parent, spouse, friend, teacher — anyone you could be sure of. Think of this person now. Immerse yourself in the feeling you get when you think about the interactions between you and this person and the trust you have in this person, and then answer these questions: Do you believe this person always has your best interests at heart? Do you trust this person with your secrets, your pain, and your joy? Do you feel a cozy security thinking about the bond with this person?

Feel those feelings. Do they feel wonderful? Are you smiling just thinking about this relationship?

Now, put on your imagination cap. Try to imagine a love that is one million times stronger than this person's love for you. Turn up the volume on love until it is off the dial. Does your imagination show you how all-encompassing and powerful this love is? This is God's love for us. It is beyond our wildest attempts to comprehend.

Can you imagine the pleasure of trusting your special person magnified one million times? Can you find the security and relief of trusting God's love enough to turn over all the outcomes of all the situations in your life to God?

January 7

Wrapping Yourself with Light

There are many people meditating these days, and that is great. But for meditation to serve your highest purpose, it is wise to protect yourself as you enter into an altered state. If your goal is to link with other lightworkers to project thoughts and prayers and light to people and situations, and if your goal is also to receive inspiration, healing, and guidance from masters, angels, and your own higher self, then you must make sure you are open only to the highest levels and closed to beings who function at low levels of enlightenment. To prevent low-level beings from contacting you, I offer the technique I have used since I began meditating in the '70s.

When I sit to meditate, the first thing I do is visualize the white light of Spirit wrapping around my body, beginning below my feet and wrapping around and around about a foot or so out from the body to encompass my astral body too. I am creating a cocoon of light, closed at the bottom and solidly wrapped to the crown of my head. At the crown, I picture the cocoon narrowing to a little stem of light. I declare silently but firmly that I am now wrapped with light and open to contact only from the highest levels and only with permission of my High Self who directs this meditation. Now I am ready to receive only the highest contact for my highest good. How about trying it yourself when you meditate today?

January 8

Staying Wrapped with Light

When you will yourself to be wrapped in a cocoon of light, you are within a shield that protects you from the world's negativity. And you have established a link to your higher self's guidance, so your intuitions can come now from the highest source. It is good to keep yourself protected all the time, not just in meditation.

So I invite you to wrap yourself with light when you wake up each day. But here's the issue: when you express negativity, you break the cocoon of light. That's okay; just revisualize it and rededicate yourself to keeping the link with your higher self and the light cocoon intact. It only takes me about two seconds now to wrap myself in the cocoon of light, and, believe me, I know when I have broken it. It is often when I have just called some driver an idiot in my thoughts. And, oh, there is one more thing to do before reestablishing the light cocoon: I must change my negative thought. In my example, I acknowledge that the driver's behavior was reckless, but the driver is a divine child of God, just like me. I apologize in my mind to this divine being, then acknowledge that my anger was a natural reaction to almost being killed, and l let the anger flow out of me. Then I can get back into my cocoon of light. I hope you will do the same.

January 9


Hmm. Another cryptic license plate in front of me on the road. I love to try to figure these out. Let's see if I can get it before that car disappears. Okay. The UBW Hour. I wonder if that is a radio station? No, can't be. U must be you. Okay. What is BWHOUR? Hmm. BW — bewitching hour? Hmm. Are they witches? But that doesn't go with U in front of it. As I rack my brain, I get a little closer as we pull up to a light. I give the license plate a hard look and discover that its owner had put little strips of red tape underneath groups of letters to delineate the words for the uncomprehending.

If you haven't figured it out by now, here's what it says: You Be Who You Are.

Now I smile and laugh at myself for being dense. And then I let the beauty of the message sink in. This person is encouraging me along my way, letting me know it is okay to be myself, no matter how different I am.

Thank you, fellow traveler, for providing this loving blessing from Spirit. So I pass it along to you too, Dear Reader:


January 10

Thy Will Be Done

Surrender is not a popular word. In the minds of many, it signals defeat. But is it really?

Surrender is letting go of the need to control everything. It is realizing that God is and should be in control. When the master Jesus taught us to pray, "Thy will be done," he showed us the proper relationship between our mortal self and our higher self, which I honor by calling it the High Self. Our goal is to become one with that spark of God that should be directing our lives, and to learn to desire the highest result.

"Thy will be done" releases us from worry and fear, from anger over outcomes we did not prefer based on our limited physical-plane wisdom. It does not relieve us of the obligation to try our best, to work at our tasks, to set the stage for the manifestation of good. But when our part is done and we await results, we can rest easily knowing all is in God's hands.

Let go of your will. Turn it over to Spirit's will. Experience relief and joy.

January 11

Martha and Mary

When Jesus came to dine at the house of the sisters, Martha and Mary (Luke 10), Martha busied herself with the meal while Mary sat at his feet and listened to his words. Martha was so caught up in her traditional hostess role that she missed the point of the visit, which was the sharing of thoughts. She was showing Jesus a well-run house and an elaborate meal, as she had been taught.

I think of Mary and Martha whenever a guest from out of town is coming to stay with me, especially if they have not been to my house before. When I hear that someone is coming, my Martha side kicks in. I look around the house with a critical eye. This room is messy. I have to move this furniture around. What food shall I buy? I become a product of my childhood training to show off an orderly house and plan for every physical need. (Soft pillows or hard? I wonder which is right.) This can lead to a level of panic in which I can mull over the pillows or the salad dressings for days on end. If I can get a grip on this Martha side, I can resurrect the Mary side, the part that is eager to share conversations with my friend, eager to drink in the pleasures of the visit and the visitor, without being too worried about the house and the food.

Yet if I go too much over to the Mary side, there will be no food and no clean sheets. So I must balance Martha and Mary — get ready but be ready to have fun, to sit and talk and let the dirty dishes wait. I'm working on it. You may have this problem, or you may be the visitor to someone who has it. Let's see what we can do to be the best of both Martha and Mary.

January 12

Signs of the New Age: Innovative Solutions

Garbage has become our monster. There is so much we have run out of places to put it. Barges are hauling it long distances from cities to the last few rural places that need the income enough to accept it, and these are getting full too.

Long ago, I heard of an inventor thinking outside the box to solve this problem. Back in 2003, a magazine reported that someone had come up with a way to turn garbage piles into oil, using a simple method of pressure cooking it in a specially designed machine. The oil was then useful for running that same machine. The excess oil was used to run other equipment. At that time, a chicken-processing plant was trying out the method with good results.

Although this inventive method did not catch on, it is still an example of someone using creativity to invent a way out of a problem. There are so many problems, and we surely need many innovative solutions. So, today, let's focus on these brilliant people who can see beyond a problem to its possible solution. Let us envision these innovators receiving needed funding to do their research, and let us see some good results happening too. And let us also envision the world's massive garbage dumps melting away and being replaced with lovely landscapes.

January 13

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

The serenity prayer says:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
This last line is a very important one. Look at it again. Many heartaches are the result of banging our heads against a wall, trying to change things or people that we have no power to change. Is it possible to change another person by wishing for it, demanding it, or manipulating it? No. The only result is resentment and resistance on the part of that other person and frustration for us.

Who is the only person we can change? We know the answer — ourselves. Can a change in us bring a change in the other person? Maybe, but that's not the point.

Make it a project today to look at one small thing about another that you want to see changed. Now what can you do about your attitude toward that situation? Can you surrender and admit you are powerless to force or manipulate a change? Can you honestly tell the other person how you feel, avoiding the word "you" and sticking to "I feel"? Can you put it into perspective? Is it a small thing? Will it kill you if it continues? Can you detach, go on with your life, send peace and love, and let go of the outcome?

If you can, then you are truly wise enough "to know the difference."


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