Woman of Man: Sweet Clean Romance Book Collection

Woman of Man: Sweet Clean Romance Book Collection

by Macha Pinto


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A collection of sweet romance stories of love that truly changes many lives in incredible ways. Get FIVE sweet amish and clean romance stories and enjoy over 50,000+ words of the romance stories inside!In "Free Me", Patrick White takes over for his father as the owner of a large car company. Thinking he's making an incredibly financially smart move, Patrick decides to buy all the mechanics in the area. However, he hits a wall with Olivia Waters, who refuses to sell. Despite their feud over Olivia's shop, sparks fly between them, and they try to keep their emotions in check as they struggle to reconcile. Every time they try to pull away from each other, something pulls them back together, and neither can seem to escape each other."Hearts on Fire" will both break and warm your heart; it follows the Amish family Johannsen, spanning over an entire lifetime. It covers many social issues that are relatable to anyone, especially over loss and growing up. It explores the many types of relationships we encounter in our lives, including, of course, romance. The main hero is an Amish firefighter who must work to save his love from a terrible crime - and find the mastermind orchestrating it."The Last Cowboy in West Texas" is a fictional romance inspired by the very real 30,000 acre Coates Ranch, which has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1880s. It explores the lives of two fictional families who collide in unexpected ways, following a 21st Century cowboy as he discovers true love. This story is full of romance, tragedy, and redemption, including how addition affects addicts and their families, especially children.Another Amish story explores two worlds coming together in "The English Doctor's Love". A tragic accident results in terrible heartbreak for an Amish family, who must use the aide of two English doctors. With these two doctors, two women find themselves falling for them, and must make the decision whether it is best for them to stay in the Amish world or follow the doctors for a beautiful life.Amy Brown and Charlie Johnson were two peas in a pod, growing up on neighboring farms. They were best friends and, eventually, high school sweethearts. However, one day, Amy leaves behind her colorful life and romance with Charlie to move to a busy and gray city. After many years, Amy and her sister return to their childhood farm to stay for the summer. There, they must make a difficult choice. In the meantime, Amy tries to avoid Charlie out of fear but she can't deny their love - or "Her Favorite Place in the World".A collection of romance stories that follow many people over the span of their lives.Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After!

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ISBN-13: 9798671285116
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 08/01/2020
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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