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by Leslie 'Tony' White


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Everyone has purpose and value but it cannot be understood or fully appreciated until you become your best self. You are brilliant, wonderful, and completely good. Mistakes you may have made, even if they were yesterday, were done with the knowledge and skills you had at that time. Now that you are wiser, it is no longer relevant to consider past actions today; yesterday is gone and cannot be re-lived.

Failure to become your highest self will ultimately cause confusion, deep unhappiness and negatively impact every aspect of your life. Perhaps worse - never becoming who you were destined to be, you degenerate and suffer unnecessary mental, physical, emotional or spiritual "dis-ease".

Everything has a non-physical source and at the root of any negative condition is some sort of trauma. These wounds continue to upset, long after their beginning because of failure to properly manage them. Sadness and stress have become constant companions that keep you from thinking clearly and your errors in judgement cause destructive emotions. This does not have to continue; you have a choice. You can be restored to your pre-upset, non-angry state.

This book is an important and engaging resource for those, who were raised in an unhappy home, single parent household, or are currently without active parental guidance and desire to learn the attributes they possess that would enable them to become their best and highest self. Reading this book you will receive:

· Self-assessment instruments

· Guidelines for optimal health

· 29 spiritual tools

· Reminders of your significance and value

· Insights for a successful journey

We all have two simultaneous journeys; an external one where the body lives moves and has its being. The other trip is within, if we so choose, to higher consciousness; or by default a continued descent into a deeper hypnotic trance.

The search for wisdom and higher consciousness is the essential journey of life and it must be taken alone; parents, loved ones and leaders can only point the way. You will never experience an abundant live with peace and joy until you become your highest self.

There is no such thing as coincidence! This book is meant for you.

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ISBN-13: 9781498458610
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 12/21/2015
Pages: 188
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