Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism

Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism

by Burgess Owens


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Featured on The Candace Owens Show podcast

Why I Stand highlights the threat of Marxist Socialism to our American culture. The victor will determine the heart, soul, and freedom of our nation for future generations.

American Individualism has been the crown jewel of a nation that, based on its Judeo-Christian values, has prioritized God, family, and freedom to out-dream its obstacles. It is the freedom of this individual spirit that is under attack by its adversarial ideology, Marxist Socialism. This destructive ideology has resulted in “killing fields” of bodies, souls, and dreams of billions worldwide. Consistent is the destruction of manhood, womanhood, the family, and every pillar that supports love of God and country.

Why I Stand documents an ideology that uses trust to divide and betray. It was the ideology of the 1910 NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) founded by twenty-one White Marxist Socialist, atheist, and eugenicist Democrats. They succeeded within decades to undermine the progress of the most entrepreneurial, patriotic, Christian, educated, family-oriented, and competitive minority in our nation during that era: the Black community.

This strategy of trust/betrayal is utilized by many of today’s politicians and corporate leaders. It has been the Congressional Black Congress that have voted 100% for every anti-Black policy demanded of them by their White Democratic leadership. It has been the NFL that has prioritized its expansion to 10 international countries over loyalty to its American fans. Its leadership has justified the denigration of its “All American” brand in exchange for a global “World Citizen” brand.

“American Individualism is the sole source of progress, granting each individual the chance and stimulation for development of the best with which he has been endowed in heart and mind.” - President Herbert Hoover

We MUST defend it.

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Publication date: 10/30/2018
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About the Author

Burgess grew up in a segregated, successful, family-oriented, and entrepreneurial 1950s/60s Black community. As a proud descendant of a former slave turned entrepreneur, he was one of the first three Black Americans to play football at the University of Miami. Burgess earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Chemistry and was simultaneously selected as a 1st team College All-American. As a first round draft pick, he played for the Jets and later the 1980 Super Bowl XV Champions, the Oakland Raiders. His post-football-career life included a business failure, highlighting for him the American Way, which allows for second chances. Burgess is now Executive Director for the Utah Chapter of The One Heart Project, a prison reform model designed to give juvenile offenders a “true” second chance to be proud, productive, and contributing American citizens. Visit www.oneheart.com for more information.

Table of Contents

History/Career 7

I Believe 8

Introduction 10

Chapter 1 American Individualism 11

Chapter 2 The Flag and Why I Stand 15

Why I Stand 18

Chapter 3 The Killing Fields of Socialism 20

Chapter 4 Socialism vs. Capitalism: Which is the Moral System? 30

Chapter 5 The NAACP Strategy: The Trojan Horse 36

Chapter 6 Planned Parenthood: The Sophistry of Margaret Sanger 82

Chapter 7 The Chinese Bamboo Tree 99

Chapter 8 America's Promise 104

Chapter 9 It's All About Team 114

Chapter 10 The Royalty Class Black Man 122

Chapter 11 For the Record: The Congressional Black Caucus Vote 135

Chapter 12 The Davis-Bacon Act 141

Chapter 13 The Big Lie 149

Chapter 14 John Lewis: The Man, the Bridge, the Socialist Hero 158

Chapter 15 James Meredith: The Forgotten/Ignored Civil Rights Pioneer 168

Chapter 16 The Royalty Class Black Man: Who's Who 172

Chapter 17 The State of President Obama's Black America 206

Chapter 18 The NFL, the Flag, and Globalism 211

Chapter 19 Corporate Globalist: Profits over Patriotism 222

Chapter 20 The Solution: "We the People" 249

Chapter 21 The Solution: Chivalry 258

Chapter 22 The Solution: Man-Up/Stand-Up 269

Chapter 23 The Solution: Courage 272

Chapter 24 Black American Conservatives: America's Freedom Sentinels 281

Conclusion 284

Acknowledgments 287

About the Author 288

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