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Who's In Charge

Who's In Charge

by Nathaniel M. Carswell Sr


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How many times do we as believers find ourselves on the wrong track trying to do the will of God but accomplishing nothing? How many times must we point our fingers at our pastors and Bible study teachers and blame them for all of our short-comings? It is time for us to learn who is really in charge— a very hard task for many of us because we are so use to blaming others for some or all of our faults.

When you finally begin to face reality, you'll soon discover that you and you alone are responsible for the fix that you are in. Even so, they—your pastors, Bible study teachers, and the like—are still held accountable because they are preachers and teachers of the gospel. There are many scary believers out there who will not say a word for the gospel; you too are accountable for not spreading the word of God. God cannot use a wall-flower; you are not even good for yourself, and you must walk in the love of God in order to be useful to the name Jesus. If not you are not walking in the promise, then you are no good to the gospel. It is no longer about you once you cross over; it’s about Jesus in you, accomplishing the will of the Father.

When you read this book and you get offended in any way, you just keep on reading; the Holy Spirit will open up the pages of these words He has provided to us.

May the Holy Spirit bless you richly in Jesus!

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ISBN-13: 9781449726287
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 09/21/2011
Pages: 268
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