by Jennifer Blake-Edwards


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Author Jennifer Blake-Edwards started writing as a young girl. But it was a trip to Jamaica that allowed her to find herself after college. For two months, she weathered Jamaica’s rainy season by writing poetry while it rained daily for hours. It was also during this trip that she met a dark, handsome, and dimpled Caribbean man who not only ignited her love for poetry, but for warm showers and getting wet.

In WET, she shares an anthology of poetry with many of the selections carrying the themes of water and rain. In “The Threat,” Blake-Edwards writes, /Time… will we ever have enough? / I sit and wait for the rains to end, / for my day to begin its slippery/ slide to its inevitable end. / The day is overcast, the air thick / choking me… /

This collection puts a thirty-year-plus journey through life’s storms to paper. Like raindrops, Blake-Edwards’ words splattered on the pages and are given life.

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ISBN-13: 9781458218605
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 04/21/2015
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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By Jennifer Blake-Edwards

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2015 Jennifer Blake-Edwards
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-1860-5


    The Promise

    Moving slowly thru the day ... feeling the
    gentle warmth of the sun.
    The sky peppered with clouds.
    I search for you ... listening for any signs
    of your return.
    I see you creeping over some unsuspecting
    clouds in the horizon ... blending into their
    billowing softness.
    I watch their color subtly shift ...
    I see them swell and tremble.
    I wonder what secrets you have shared and if
    their movements indicate laughter or fear
    You peek out at me as I continue on my path
    and follow my every move ... stalking me.
    As I move toward a door to enter, I feel
    the earth shake ... I hear you rumble deep
    and threatening.
    Are you trying to frighten me or just get
    my attention?
    As I turn back to look at the sky, the breeze
    blows me a wet kiss that comes to rest on
    my lips it takes me by surprise, it brings no
    pain but instead caresses ... I shiver ...
    A single flash of lightening suddenly dances
    across the sky just as the wind enfolds me
    in its embrace and whispers your name ...

    The Quiet Storm

    I am the quiet storm ... slowly rushing
    in, filling the skies with sheets of gentle
    moments of rumbling, then streaks of
    that zig and zag through the sky with no
    plan ... sharp etchings on a black canvas
    slipping back into the darkness, seemingly
    washed away by the steady stream running
    gently to the earth that waits
    eager and hungry to absorb it....


    your cooling liquid cascades down me ...
    millions of tiny streams that eventually meet
    in one out pouring.
    I taste the saltiness as you glide slowly
      over me.
    my tongue reaches out so as to catch every
    my body moves upward, forward to
      meet you ...
    absorbing our moisture.
    drenched, I shiver, completely filled....


    Never ending ... you pound my world
    Penetrating me deeply you seep into
    my warmth filling me to overflowing.
    Just as suddenly your pounding becomes a
    As you gently touch my world, refreshing me
    your tender ministrations
    My very core is touched by you....
    I am drenched!!!!!


    The trees sway, some bowing down with
    the heaviness of the water, as it beats down
    on the leaves and branches that are moving
    as if to side step the lashes of the never
      ending rain.
    Each time there seems to be a lull, I hear the
    sounds of birds calling to each other to
    or maybe cheer on the downpour
    I sit wrapped warmly in soft blankets
    as the world around me is soaked by the
    never ending rain....


    As the rain continues yet another day,
    memories surround me....
    I look through old writings and journals of
    almost forgotten feelings.
    Was I ever that hurt or sad? Did I ever
    love that deeply? Did the joy I read of ever
    A day of nothing but travels back to other
    not all of them memorable ...
    some bring tears to my eyes of bitter sweet
    moments that still can take my breath

    Inside Outnside Out

    The rain beats on the world around me.
    I am safe behind the window watching its
    The trees sway, leaves and branches plastered
    down by the force of the wind and rain.
    pieces crashing haphazardly to the ground
    As quickly as it came it stops.
    The trees slowly come to a stop, gently
    a farewell to the not so gentle intruder who
    a spray of gentle mist as soft as butterflies
    and has no regard for the damage they left


    You've stopped....
    I listen fearfully for the evidence
    of your return....
    But there is only the grateful
    chattering of tired souls, as they look
    sadly upon the devastation
    you have left behind.
    I close my eyes and remember
    the time, not so very long ago
    when you were here
    I hesitantly open them....
    I stop holding my breath
    and breathe deeply, wondering
    when you will return and if I'll
    be ready the next time.................

    The Tease

    Where have you gone????
    I reach for you, my hand grasping only
    air as you escape from my touch ...
    Your silence deafening ...
    And then a touch, so light like a whisper
    that is almost not heard ...
    Then you touch me again, pressing firmly
    against my skin ...
    I feel your moisture as you trail wet kisses
    gently down my trembling skin.
    I try to touch you but you retreat just outside
    my grasp taking with you the warmth of
    lips ... leaving me shivering and cold longing
    for your return.

    Our Story

    As children we splashed joyously in
    puddles left over from the rain ... giddy
    as the water wet our shoes and clothes
    Playing for hours till soaked to the skin
    we were called into warm houses to get dry
    and get back to the everyday of living but
    we carried with us the giggle of the
      water lands

    As we got older, the rain became a romantic
    escape with a lover hiding us away from the
    world in a haze of intimacy ... the kiss of the
    rain on love drenched lipsand we carried
    the taste of it ... secretly turning our faces to
    the rain, reliving the magic of a kiss ...

    As we enter our twilight,
    the rain is more a nuisance getting in
    the way ... making everyday things harder ...
    chilling one to the bone
    then one random day, for no reason ...
    the rain outside is so much more ...
    Maybe it's hearing children's laughter ...
    Or maybe seeing two lovers kiss ...
    Or for no reason at all ... we just walk in the
    rain ... our faces turn skyward ... our eyes slowly
    close ... we feel the rains tender kiss ...
    we smile, just sighing.....and remember!

    Rain's Touchain's Touch

    Drenched, my tongue escapes to catch
    the water as it gently falls around me
    I smile remembering another time ...
    Another rain ... young still with the touches
    of lingering innocence ...
    Thinking of a future filled with so much
    Untouched by life's misery and pain ...
    Still able to play and sing in the rain ...
    Splashing in puddles ...
    Wet and unafraid
    I am touched by the rain's tender caress....

    Rain's Kiss

    I hold your hand as we walk thru the
    beautiful garden ... looking at the trees sway
    and at the many splashes of colorful
    flowers that surround us
    Birds sing to each other
    Is it love that they chirp about?
    Can they sense what I feel for you?
    It hits me so suddenly I am struck
    Can you see it shining from my eyes as
    I glance your way?
    Suddenly a gentle mist enfolds us ...
    And then we are tenderly washed by
    the spring rain

    Instead of running for cover you smile
    and we continue to stroll, occasionally
    turning our faces skyward to be caressed
    ever so gently by the rain's kiss.
    And then you turn to me or is it I that
    turn to you ... you reach for me and kiss my
    my cheeks moving in a slow pattern like
    the rain....landing on my lips which were
    parted as I tasted, then licked the water
    and now
    your lips.....
    We are cocooned in the gentle sounds of the
    washing the world away and there is
      only us....
    Then you look deeply
    into my eyes ... and there is only you!!!!

    The Symphonyhe Symphony

    My heart echoes with the sound of the wind
    The rain like a drum beats out a rhythm that
    can be felt to my very soul.
    I move to the syncopated rhythm, spun
    around in a dance by the blowing breeze.
    A song escapes my lips spraying its caressing
    melody and there is a symphony of sound!
    as the mist enfolds me in a lovers embrace
    soaking me to my very core....

    Morning Mist

    The morning after you....
    I lay buried beneath a cloud of blankets.
    I reach for the empty space you left behind
    and listen for any signs of you ...
    only to be met by silence as sunlight slowly
    dances toward me with its morning kiss.
    I close my eyes and long for you.
    I hear the rustle of the leaves ...
    then feel your caress ... as the breeze
    drifts through my window wet from
    the night's rain.
    My lips part I move toward you ...
    and drown in your touch.....

    The Threat

    Time ... will we ever have enough?
    I sit and wait for the rains to end,
    for my day to begin its slippery
    slide to its inevitable end
    The day is overcast, the air thick
    choking me ...
    The threat of more rain.
    Nature moving slowly ... hesitant
    to commence it's usual Fearing
    the sky will erupt again unable to carry
      further its
    heavy burden and drown us ...


    The roar of the water, the howling of the
    The flash of lightening cutting through the
    blackness of the night.
    A few minutes later the rumble of thunder
    shaking the earth beneath my feet.
    The lights flicker but don't completely
    extinguish and I sigh with relief.
    The music plays quietly as a
    background to nature's symphonic
    masterpiece ... a creation of sounds
    interrupted only by my whisper ...
    as I pray for the rains to end.

    The Reprieve

    Days of unending beatings.....
    Whipped by wind and rain.
    Some left broken and trampled by the
    onslaught ... fearing it would never end ...
    and that there would be nothing left.
    Then as suddenly as it started it stops.
    There is a hush and then a symphony of
    as nature rejoices in the reprieve.
    The sun is shining brightly.
    The sky clear and untouched by even the
    sprinkling of clouds.
    I look around at the damage left behind
    while feeling the touch of the sun.
    The now gentle breeze whispering to me.
    It is as if the horror was just a nightmare ...
    A figment of mass imaginations.
    I gasp trying to catch my breath.
    I start to smile relieved it is over,
    trying to enjoy the light breeze that
    whispers to me.
    In the distance a rumbling, and then
    the skies darken.
    Nature holds it's breath,
    gripped by terror Long before it has
    fully recovered from the last assault....
    the pounding begins,
    and I fear we may not survive it again.


    Will you never end.......
    The steady beat of the rain continues
    around me ...
    The moaning of nature as it weeps soaked
    through and unable to hold further the
    Still it continues to pour as if only at the
    beginning ... eagerly touching all the beauty
    around it never ending as if to quench the
    thirst of a greedy lover ...


    Everywhere rain. I hide inside
    staying dry as it continues to pour.
    Beyond my window
    people run for safety, finding no
    shelter from the never ending water as
    it runs everywhere unchecked ...


    Night has fallen, the sky black from the
    There are no stars and no moon to lighten or
    soften its starkness.
    Alone I sit, but not lonely....
    There is comfort in the silence, broken only
    by the sounds of the night.
    The whisper of the trees swaying ...
    The gentle hiss of the rain that echoes
      from the
    storm as it fades away....
    I enjoy the quiet and silently await the
    welcoming dawn of the new day....

    It's Wrath

    I suck in my breath as I
    look at the destruction all around me
    Disbelief pours out of me ...
    Unable to imagine that all of this was
    caused by the wind and rain.
    The storm had come upon us with all
    its fury, ripping down everything in its path.
    Then just as quickly it moved on ...
    as if it had never been........

    The Storm

    The wind howls roughly pushing and
    shoving everything in its path.
    The leaves pulled ruthlessly from their
    branches, cascade toward the ground
    carpeting it quickly.
    The echoes as the night rumbles and churns
    with natures assault.
    The sound of heavy raindrops as they patter
    on the roof, running in patterns down the
    windows around me. Tapping as if trying to
    get my attention or maybe entry?
    Just as suddenly the world grows quiet.
    I sigh releasing the breath I never knew I
    grateful for the reprieve and hoping for the
    promise of a rainbow.....


    The warnings blaring from every avenue ...
    songs of love came the doomsday claim of the
    storm, the hurricane of all hurricanes.
    Between the re-runs of "Modern Family" and
    the many reality shows, the stern look of the
    as he prophesized the disaster and horror to come.
    Stores with empty shelves as people run around it
    gathering items to prepare for what is to come ...
    People bringing in outdoor things and tying down
    others in anticipation of what sounded like the
    end of the world!!
    And then it came.......winds and rains initially no
    different from a heavy rain .... then changing ...
    The sky darkening till it appeared the night had
    swallowed whole the day!
    The wind howling, grabbing and throwing
    anything and everything in its way..
    The trees being slapped, twisted, beaten
    and shaken ... their branches and leaves violently
    moving as if being dangled and jerked by a
    wicked puppeteer limbs ripped and thrown ...
    trees broken in half collapsing on cars and houses
    unable to get out of their path.
    The sound of popping as electrical poles were
    ripped up and thrown tumbling everyone into
    darkness The beating of my heart as I sat in the
    darkness watching the world outside explode.
    The crashing of nature....
    The constant sound of rushing, beating water
    all around drowning everything around it.
    And then just as fiercely as it came with all its
    anger and brutality it receded.
    As the world slowly calmed watching it depart
    leaving behind a devastation the likes of which
    I had never seen nor want to again....

    Sandy Part II

    In the aftermath that was Sandy......
    With no communication, limited means of
    contact.... There was worry and relief ...

    Slowly exploring what was left ...
    Areas washed clean away as if they never existed.
    Other places lay broken and mangled by
    nature and mankind....
    Humanity in the light of tragedy ... people
    joined together providing helping hands.
    While others using the weakness to
    camouflage their greed, stole from those still
    in shock from the slaughter that was Sandy.

    Slow attempts at recovery....tiny steps
    forward, repairing the never ending damage
    Appreciating all that was not destroyed
    no matter how small ...
    Knowing now what really matters.
    Re-discovering the importance of each
      other and
    the power from the joining of many hands.
    As we the survivors transformed into the
      victors ...
    we knew Sandy had not won!!!!!!!


    Driving rain beats down on the car, as I
    maneuver down slick roads to my destination
    Along the way I see fellow travelers as they
    scurry ... some in cars, others running into
    stores or houses to get out of the never ending
    deluge ... jumping over tiny rivers running down
    the streets and sidewalks ... splashes of water
    hitting the walls of people, as cars speed through
    water that has taken over the streets, making
    small lakes and rivers ... Riding under
      overpasses now
    waterfalls ... water cascading down covering my
    windshield momentarily blinding me till the
    swish and I can see once again.
    As I travel further there is quiet ...
    The rains have not reached here yet
    or maybe they have already departed ...
    and I wonder why we suffered this devastation?
    Was it simply a punishment from which only a
    select few received a pardon?
    And if so ... then who gets to decide ...
    the next time ...


    Today I walked in the rain ... and remembered
    what it was like to be loved by you ...
    As the water washed over me I remembered
    us laughing as you loved me under the spray
    of the shower we shared together ...
    The water gently washing away any ugliness ...

    A puddle soaks me ... and I remember warm
    baths, holding each other as we kissed in the
    of the candle lights ... their fragrance floating
    like bubbles around us, tickling our skins and
    gently rubbing away any pains....

    The splash as the rain becomes a down pour
    soaking me to the skin ... and I remember
    holding you tight as you kissed me in the
    pouring rain ... the world disappeared,
    leaving just the two of us and our love ...

    Then the rains ended, and I looked
    around but you were gone,
    leaving me shivering and empty ...
    longing for the return of the rains....
    and to remember....

    The Rainbow

    The rainbow.....
    A bright kaleidoscope of color
    arching forward seeming to
    have come from nowhere and everywhere.
    Painting the sky as it dances thru the droplets.
    Skimming past the clouds promising something
    better ... hinting of possible adventures and new
    Psycodelic lights that streak across the
      darkened sky
    proclaiming a promise of more sunshine
    and marking the end of the rains ...


Excerpted from Wet by Jennifer Blake-Edwards. Copyright © 2015 Jennifer Blake-Edwards. Excerpted by permission of Abbott Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Promise, 1,
The Quiet Storm, 3,
"Wet", 4,
Contradiction, 5,
Continuous, 6,
Memories, 7,
Inside Out, 8,
Anticipation, 9,
The Tease, 10,
Our Story, 11,
Rain's Touch, 13,
Rain's Kiss, 14,
The Symphony, 16,
Morning Mist, 17,
The Threat, 18,
Intense, 19,
The Reprieve, 20,
Soaked, 22,
Unchecked, 23,
Silence, 24,
It's Wrath, 25,
The Storm, 26,
Sandy, 27,
Sandy Part II, 30,
After, 32,
Remembrance, 34,
The Rainbow, 36,

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