Ultimate Essential Oil Journal: Write Down & Rate Your Favorite Recipes & Blends Log Your Inventory Create Wish Lists

Ultimate Essential Oil Journal: Write Down & Rate Your Favorite Recipes & Blends Log Your Inventory Create Wish Lists

by Homeschool Mom Boss


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Ultimate Essential Oil Journal: Write Down & Rate Your Favorite Recipes & Blends | Log Your Inventory | Create Wish Lists

Do you have essential oil recipes but have no place to store them? Have you lost track of the essential oils that you currently own? Keep all your recipes and inventory in one place as well as your favorite recipes and blends, your oil wish list, and more.

Can't remember if you like an oil? Rate it after you use it, so you don't forget.

This small, easy-to-carry logbook has it all. It also includes 96 BONUS recipes!

Beautiful Page Layouts Include:

  • Essential Oils Inventory Lists
  • My Favorite Oils
  • Essential Oil Wish List
  • Testing Out Blends
  • Essential Oil Ratings
  • Favorite Blends
  • Essential Oil Recipe Cards

The Recipes Include:

  • Lavender Blends
  • Wellness Blends
  • Happiness Blends
  • Well-Rested Blends
  • Seasonal Blends
  • Holiday Blends
  • Clean House Blends
  • Personality Blends
  • Day-to-Day Blends

A place to store all of your essential oil recipes.

Gain a deeper knowledge of how to use essential oils and keep track of the ones that work for you. Never forget or lose a recipe when you create your own non-toxic remedies, blends, diffuser recipes, beauty products, household cleaners, and gifts.

Essential oils are very diverse and can be used in many different ways. The search for effective recipes and the many uses that essential oils have can be somewhat overwhelming at times, for both beginning and seasoned oilers. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, start keeping track of the recipes you find and how you like to use them.

This book is a wonderful resource designed to free all people who use essential oils to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed as well as to help keep oilers organized.

This aromatherapy notebook can also be used for people who own an essential oil business. Keep track of your inventory in one place by referring to the list in this journal instead of searching to see what is in stock.

Size: 6" x 9"

Pages: 100

DISCLAIMER: This book includes recipes intended for high-quality, authentic, organic essential oils. There are many grades of essential oils available. Not all essential oils are created equally, and not all essential oils are suitable for topical use or ingestion. Carefully do your research before selecting the brand of essential oils that you decide to use. Always follow label directions on the essential oil bottles.

I am not a medical practitioner and cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe treatment for any health condition or disease. Before using any alternative medicines, natural supplements, or vitamins, you should always discuss the products you are using or intend to use with your medical doctor, especially if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or nursing. All information contained within this book is for reference purposes only, and is not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physician or other licensed health-care professional. As such, we are not responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising from use of the essential oil recipes contained herein.

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ISBN-13: 9798603394862
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/23/2020
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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