True Stories of the OSS and CIA: Formation of the OSS and CIA and their secret missions. These classified stories are told by the CIA

True Stories of the OSS and CIA: Formation of the OSS and CIA and their secret missions. These classified stories are told by the CIA

by Mike Rothmiller


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These are the TRUE accounts of the OSS and CIA. These studies were expertly written for classified use of CIA personnel. I have not edited these documents. All of these studies were classified from CONFIDENTIAL TO TOP-SECRET.
Studies include; WW2 secret ops, covert action, truth drugs for interrogation, cover in unconventional operations, CIA in the academic world, the covert collection of scientific information and spies. This is just a sampling of what is included in the book.

The United States Intelligence community as known to the public is comprised of 17 agencies that work separately, and at times, in concert to conduct intelligence activities in the field of foreign relations and national security. Members of this community include intelligence agencies, military intelligence, and civilian intelligence and analysis offices within federal executive departments.

Most intelligence operations are conceived and carried out by patriots in the interest of national security or during time of war. However, not all intelligence operations were successful and many were based in the theory that the end, justifies the means. At times, distasteful actions and assassinations are undertaken to safeguard the masses or protect national interest. This is not to say that all governmental intelligence operations were undertaken to safeguard the country and our freedoms. Some were ordered by various presidents to crush their political rivals.

Interestingly, the CIA is notorious for secrecy and more often than not, the agency refuses to release documents requested in a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) or under a Mandatory Declassification Request (MDR). Here's the interesting twist. These studies contain a wealth of details and informative footnotes identifying the source. Even if you filed a FOIA for all the documents contained in the footnotes, it would take years to obtain them-if the CIA would provide the documents. So, in an unexpected turn of events the CIA has opened Pandora's Box allowing us to review information they thought would remain secret, and in some cases, would prefer remained secret. But the documents are available for review, if you know where and how to secure them. As individual stories they are indeed interesting, taken as a whole, they truly enlighten and demonstrate the enormous scope of the intelligence community.

As you read these remarkable stories you'll gain an appreciation for the work and exploits of these men and women; and a basic understanding of how complex and daunting the world of intelligence gathering is. You may not agree with the methods employed or the outcome, but the veil of secrecy keeping intelligence Ops in the dark will be partially removed providing a rare insider's glimpse into decades of intelligence operations, the thought process of intelligence officers and the magnitude of some operations. Taken in their full context, these were truly remarkable undertakings.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg illustrating the wide spectrum of intelligence activities carried out by the OSS and todays CIA. You'll notice that some names have been blackened out and some information redacted, this was done by the CIA.

These stories are as intriguing, informative and frightening as the best spy novels.

In closing, you are about to enter the world of secrets, lies and deception. Your life will never be the same.

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