True History and the Lies We Were Told Volume 1: Volume 1 Science and Technology

True History and the Lies We Were Told Volume 1: Volume 1 Science and Technology

by John Bridges


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If you are a fan of history, you will love this book. The stories it contains are fascinating but somehow do not make it into the traditional classroom. Without this book, many of these stories would remain buried and our true history would be lost forever. From the days of slavery through to today, things are not the way we have learned.
If you are a conspiracy theorist, you will also love this book. While all the stories are true and provable, many will have the intrigue and excitement of the best conspiracy theories.
There are many reasons why history is lost, forgotten, or buried. Often the political nature of contemporary events requires a less than truthful narrative in order to meet the political demands of each particular time era. The narrative is passed on long enough that it is accepted as the fact. Digging a little deeper, though, will expose the real truth.
Some stories are so sensitive that the government withholds the official documentation of the history. Much of this information is released later, but often goes unnoticed. Some is never released.
In times of war, the winning side writes history. Sometimes that history is not entirely truthful. Looking at the entire picture requires accepting that the losing side also has a story, a history that needs to be told.
No matter how learned you are, I guarantee this book will surprise and delight your mind and expose you to realities. Welcome to the "Real History, and the Lies We Were Told".
Be sure to look for the entire series. 1. Science and Technology, 2. Culture and Society. 3. Military and Government

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Publication date: 07/26/2019
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Dr. Bridges is an established author. He specializes in books on politics, geo-politics and history. His doctorate is in law and criminal justice.

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