Transforming Organisations Through Groupware: Lotus Notes in Action

Transforming Organisations Through Groupware: Lotus Notes in Action

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Lotus Notes is one of the most successful and versatile groupware products on the market today and is used widely in both large and small organisations. Transforming Organisations Through Groupware - Lotus Notes in Action contains a selection of carefully chosen case studies which illustrate the implementational, organisational and commercial consequences of using Lotus Notes. These case studies have been chosen for their international appeal and, unlike other books on Lotus Notes, concentrate on the added value that can be gained by using Notes - rather than on the technical aspects of how to make the software work.

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ISBN-13: 9781447130536
Publisher: Springer Nature Customer Service Center LLC
Publication date: 12/21/2011
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

1 Lotus Notes — An Introduction.- 2 Making Use of the Case Studies.- Summaries.- 3 Lotus Development: Team Room — a Collaborative Workspace for Cross-Functional Teams.- 4 ABB Asea Brown Boveri: Supporting the Multi-cultural Multinational.- 5 AmBank: Managing Client Relationships.- 6 Ambouw BV: Stalled Pilot at Dutch Wholesaler.- 7 Arthur Andersen: Virtual Visioning — Lotus Notes Enables Arthur Andersen to Create its Future.- 8 Australian Bureau of Statistics: Universal Adoption.- 9 Cemex: Shifting Attitudes Between Staff and Customers.- 10 Cleer University: Distance Learning Institute Resistant to Notes.- 11 GM Europe: World’s Largest User of Notes.- 12 Henley College of Management: Developing a Global Business School.- 13 IDV (UK) Limited: Sales Force Management.- 14 Intel Corporation (UK) Limited: Ten Critical Success Factors for Notes Adoption.- 15 KLM: Business Excellence System.- 16 Lloyd’s Register: Quality Assurance: Quality Management Begins at Home.- 17 Macmillan Distribution: Going for ISO 9000.- 18 Thomas Miller & Co: From Information to Imagination.- 19 Mission Energy Corporation: Global Project Management Over Value-Added Network.- 20 MTW Schiffswerft: Shipbuilder Cuts Paperwork and Delays.- 21 Pfizer: From Sales Automation to Business Automation.- 22 Ports Association of West Africa: Award-Winning Management Information System.- 23 PrimeGest SpA: Group Memory Transforms Italian Fund Management Company.- 24 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.: Linking Up PlayStation Partners.- 25 Vision Associates Inc.: Notes Everywhere.- 26 Young & Rubicam: Improving Productivity with Workflow.

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