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Toxic World, Toxic People: The Essential Guide to Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living

Toxic World, Toxic People: The Essential Guide to Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living

by Anna Victoria Rodgers


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How do you take control of your own life, happiness and health when you dont know where to begin?  Anna shares with you her own personal experience, from a life with many health and mental well being setbacks from severe depression, suicidal episodes, and chronic fatigue, all brought on by toxic exposure and an unhappy childhood. This guide will give you deeply inspiring tips to take charge of your health and of those around you. From the way we parent and educate our children, how we need to improve our relationships with one another, what you eat and drink, how we can heal  and detox ourselves naturally, finding our own happiness and higher purpose as well as appreciating nature and using the healing powers of the Sun.  You will find out how you can make a great impact for yourself and your loved ones by making simple choices, as well as having a new respect for the Earth. Anna shares logical and powerful advice on where we are going wrong in the world with our health and happiness and how we can fix it.

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ISBN-13: 9781780994710
Publisher: Soul Rocks Books
Publication date: 06/27/2014
Pages: 829
Sales rank: 1,016,574
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

Anna Rodgers is 'Miss Eco Glam' an ex-Eco model, journalist and travel writer. She is passionate about encouraging others to be as healthy as possible and tries to warn people about the dangers of toxic build up, after her own serious illness for 20 years. She lives in East Sussex, UK.

Table of Contents

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Foreword Star Khechara 1

Introduction 3

Part 1 Toxins and the World We live in 17

1 My Own Journey into Chronic Sadness and Sickness and Back to Health Again 18

2 What's the Big Deal about Toxins? 27

3 Common Deadly Environmental Toxins 40

4 Are You Dying to Look Beautiful? the Hidden Poisons in Your Cosmetics 74

5 Why Are These Toxic Products Allowed on the Market? 122

6 Labels and Lies-Which Ones Can We Trust? 127

7 Home Unsweet Home! Something Else Adding to Your Toxic Overload 132

8 Excess 'Stuff'-Why it's not just cramping your house, it's cramping your mind 157

9 Water - is It Healthy Anymore? 164

10 Why Food is One of Our Biggest Poisons of All 190

11 The Alarming Misuse of Medicine-Why Drugs are Never the Only Answer 230

12 'Legal' Drugs-Why they are not so Harmless After All 248

13 The Vital Importance of Detoxing 258

Part 2 The Path to Health and Happiness-Why it May be much Easier Than you Think 283

14 Why Do So Many people Struggle with Happiness? 284

15 Happiness Doesn't Come in a Pill-The Real Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs 286

16 Why Sun Exposure is Essential for Happiness 309

17 Nature and the Vital Connection we have 327

18 Why Your Stomach May be Making You Unhappy 334

19 Healthy, Easy and Tasty Recipes 338

20 Why Exercise is Vital-You Simply Can't be Truly Healthy or Happy Without It 351

21 Finding Your Spirit to Discover the True You 363

22 Kindness to Others is the Key to Loving Yourself More 371

23 Why Forgiveness is the Best Gift to Give to Yourself 379

24 The Art of Being Content-Why Less is More 384

25 Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life-The Power We All Have to Create Our Ideal Life 389

26 Happy Loving Relationships-How Important They Are and How to Create Them 402

27 Mirrors and Body Image 408

28 Natural Alternatives, Supplements and Helpful Healing Tips 414

29 Four Weeks to Better Health-See How Quickly You Can Turn Your Health and Energy Around 436

30 Real-Life Inspiring Stories from People Who Turned Their Lives Around-Naturally! 438

Part 3 Rethinking the Way We Parent-The Other Toxic Problem in Our Society Today 461

31 How Unhappy Childhoods Cause Unhappy Adults 462

32 Attachment Parenting-A Way to Help Build a Lasting Connection 466

33 Breastfeeding and Why Nothing Else Will Compare 487

34 The Vital Importance of Healthy Food for Children 508

35 Safe Skincare for Children 525

36 Vaccinations-The Hidden Dangers Posing Great Risks to the Health of Your Child 531

37 Natural Ways of Healing Your Child 634

38 Creating a Safe Home Environment for Your Child 663

39 Building Your Child's Self-Esteem to Last a Lifetime 669

40 The Importance of Immersing Kids in Nature 677

41 Encourage Children to Remain Creative and Watch Them Thrive 681

42 Education Today and How It's Failing Our Children 688

43 A Tragic Problem with Parenting-Quality Time 706

44 Teach Your Children the Value of Money 708

45 How to Discipline without Damaging Self-Esteem and Emotional Development 713

46 What's Your Child's Love Language? How to Love Your Child in the Way they Want 716

PART 4 Living Green in our Toxic World 723

47 When Will We Wake Up? 724

48 Environmentally Kind Tips for Daily Living 727

49 Water Preservation 732

50 Waste is Such a Waste 735

51 Shopping Wisely 737

52 Climate Change-Fact or Fiction and does it even matter? 740

53 How the World is Changing in a Positive Way-Housing and Gardening Ideas 742

54 DIY-How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Organic Skin, Body and Cleaning Products 759

Afterword 767

Resources-Suggested Reading, Watching and Learning Materials 770

References 788

About the Author 810

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