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Tom Tennille And The Disappearance of Jim Clements: Echoes of the Sutton-Taylor Feud and Texas Reconstruction

Tom Tennille And The Disappearance of Jim Clements: Echoes of the Sutton-Taylor Feud and Texas Reconstruction

by Wayne Tennille


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On a warm May afternoon in 1897, angry 53-year-old Jim Clements strides into a rural pasture, from an intense argument with his brothers-in-law. The feared Civil War veteran and onetime companion of notorious gunfighter John Wesley Hardin, is never seen again. Suspecting murder, sheriffs' posses from Gonzales and Karnes County, Texas scour the countryside in a fruitless search for Jim's body.

The man most people believe to be the killer is Clements' 37-year-old brother-in-law Tom Tennille. Tom is gone from the jurisdiction, however, and the law seems uninterested in his apprehension. Could Tom have killed Jim to protect his sister and her children from Clements' ongoing domestic violence? If Jim is indeed killed in either self-defense or in protection of Jim's family, why does the killer not claim the defense of justifiable homicide? Where is Jim's body?

The answer to these questions may lie in understanding the culture and emotional climate of post-Civil War Texas, Texas Reconstruction and the bloody Sutton-Taylor Feud. The effect of these influences on the mindset of Tom Tennille or some other killer of Jim Clements may be the key.

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About the Author

Wayne Tennille grew up in rural Lincoln County, near Caliente, Nevada on the Tennille Ranch, established by Thomas Conley Tennille in 1915. After his military service in the US Army, Wayne said goodbye to Nevada and ranch life for less rigorous and more profitable pursuits. City life agrees with his less-than-energetic nature, and reflections on the agrarian lifestyle help to reinforce his life choices. Wayne and his beautiful wife Cartha have raised two lovely daughters and are now living in sunny southern California.

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