Titanic Facts: 200+ Facts About the Unsinkable Ship

Titanic Facts: 200+ Facts About the Unsinkable Ship

by Barb Asselin


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Are you fascinated with the Titanic?

Have you wondered what it must have been like to work in those hot boiler rooms, or as a maid to a First Class passenger?

Have you wondered what it would have been like if you actually were a First Class passenger?

Did you watch James Cameron's Titanic and think, "How would I have survived the sinking?"
Well, this book is for you. Inside, you will find over 200 facts about the Titanic. There are facts about:

• Building the Titanic
• Crew of the Titanic
• Passengers of the Titanic
• Interior of the Titanic
• Maiden voyage of the Titanic
• Sinking of the Titanic
• Survivors of the Titanic
• Museums of the Titanic
• Movies about the Titanic
• Titanic's legacy

Ready? Let's go back to Titanic...

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About the Author

Barb Asselin is a college professor and best-selling author who has published books in many different genres including education, cooking, law, real estate, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, baby sign language, fitness, office administration, children's fiction and children's non-fiction.

Barb has been fascinated, okay obsessed, with the Titanic since she first found a book on the Titanic in her parents' book collection when she was in middle school. She has seen all of the movies made regarding the Titanic and has researched it endlessly.

She loves to teach through her courses, books, and textbooks, and strives to make a connection with each student and reader. Barb lives in Canada with her husband, Mike, and two adorable daughters, Casey and Jamie. They enjoy music, skiing, golfing, running, and mixed martial arts.

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