This Life.: The Short Stories

This Life.: The Short Stories

by Doriana


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Every day, people make decisions that alter their lives forever. Whether you believe in God, fate, or simply external circumstance, the truth is that a choice and a matter of seconds can transform your world.

From abandonment to a career change to murder, life takes its toll. Follow this life through trials and tribulations and you might find a little bit of your own life.

Fear had kept me with him. Not the fear of what he would do if he found me, because he would probably never bother to look, but the fear of what would come next. If my uncle left me bleeding and he left me broken, how would i ever survive anything more?

But what came next left me with no options. Fired again, he same home after finishing at least a bottle of whiskey in a rage. The bottle then broke one of my ribs and left the rest of me black and blue and bleeding. He finally passed out while i plucked shards of glass from my arm. i tied him to the headboard and packed a small suitcase. i had never looked back.

i had never looked back until .

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