Theories of European Integration

Theories of European Integration

by Ben Rosamond




In this first book-length treatment of integration theory for many years, Ben Rosamond provides an accessible and stimulating critical introduction to the full range of classical and contemporary perspectives. The book explains the centrality of theoretical work to the study of integration and the EU and carefully locates different theories within their wider intellectual and 'real world' contexts. This thoroughly researched book engages with the key debates to have arisen from theoretical deliberations about European integration. It develops its own distinctive contribution, emphasising the importance of 'sociology of knowledge' questions when evaluating integration theory and stressing the continued significance of international theory to the study of the EU.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780333647165
Publisher: Macmillan Education UK
Publication date: 01/19/2000
Series: The European Union Series
Edition description: 2000
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

BEN ROSAMOND is Lecturer in European Integration, University of Warwick.

Table of Contents

Introduction.- Federalism, Functionalism and Transactionalism.- Neo-Functionalism.- Backlash, Critiques and Contemplation.- Theorising the 'New Europe'.- Intergovernmental Europe?.- Europe and the World: Contemporary International Theory and European Integration.- Integration Theory and Social Science.

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From the Publisher

An extremely impressive interpretative account of twentieth century theorizing about European integration which provides much-needed elucidation of a very complex and contentious area. Meticulous and exhaustive while being eminently readable, Ben Rosamond's book is essential reading for all courses on regional integration and a must for all scholars with an interest in contemporary Europe.' - Glenda G. Rosenthal, Columbia University

'This robust and fluent volume fills a longstanding gap in the literature. Ben Rosamond neatly combines a 'cartography' of established integration theories with a thoughtful critique of new approaches.' - Helen Wallace, University of Sussex

'Ben Rosamond has written a timely book that will be of interest to all students of European integration. Rosamond's intelligent critical analysis makes a very fine contribution to this dynamic field.' - Gary Marks, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

' authoritative and accessible analysis of the main conceptual and theoretical discussions generated by the study of the European Union.' - European Access Plus'

[N]ot only fills [a longstanding gap in the literature] impressively, it also provides an excellent appreciation of theory in studying the EU and makes an important contribution to the ongoing debates Ulrich Sedelmeier, West European Politics

'...essential reading for students and scholars.' - Christoph Knill, Public Administration'

[A] truly fascinating and enlightening read...The study of European integration has been lacking an up-to-date textbook on its theories for far too long. Now it has one, and a brilliant one at that.' - Thomas Diez, Millennium

' impeccably balanced account of rival academic theories of the process of integration...strongly recommended to beginners and old hands alike.' - Roger Morgan, Government and Opposition

'...well-informed and comprehensive survey of theorising on the politics of the EU.' - Kevin Featherstone, The Times Higher Education Supplement

'...[L]ucid, fair and crisp throughout...Rosamond offers a reliable guide through the jungle of theories in the field.' - Stanley Hoffmann, Foreign Affairs

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