The Untold Secrets of How Men Think and What They Want (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women, #26)

The Untold Secrets of How Men Think and What They Want (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women, #26)

by Gregg Michaelsen

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The Male Mind is Nothing Like You Imagine it to be

Men use as many as 13,000 fewer words in any given day than women. This means that gestures, such as nodding the head are a great deal more significant to a man. His nod needs to mean something, and to him, it means he agrees with you.

Let's use listening as an example.


How Do Guys Listen?

When a man is listening, he is focused on a particular problem that needs to be solved. He assumes you need something fixed. Every word you say is running through a 'man filter' that weeds out everything but 'what can I do about this'?

He lacks patience to hear your entire story. He's looking for the parts of the conversation that pertain to his role. Once he's figured that out, he is likely to jump in with a solution.
Women, on the other hand, don't necessarily talk to have a problem solved. The conversation alone can be all that's necessary in a given situation. The fact that a man is listening may be enough for her and she has no need of an active solution to any problem. She needs to feel heard, which, in turn, makes her feel loved. Unfortunately, men don't often get this.


Bridge the Gap
If you want someone to listen to you go on in detail about something, one of your female friends is going to be your best bet, but if you have a problem that needs to be solved, your man is all ears. Go ahead and feed him the details! He lives for that type of engagement with you. He shows you he loves you by helping you solve your problems. This is actually a biggie for men.

No longer will you have to guess what he is thinking. Now you will know his untold secrets!


In Part 1 Learn his Untold Secrets

What he really wants

Sex or no sex

It's not about your looks it's about...

Are we equal? This is why so many relationships fail

How to see things through his eyes. Do this and get what you want!


Part 2 Explains what you should want out of a man

No, I'm not here to tell you what you should want from your next partner, but I will make some suggestions on things you might not have thought of so far. Obviously, you want the great guy. The problem is that the others can come disguised as a great guy. How can you tell them apart?


Part 3 Getting where you need to be to attract a great man

To the right man, it won't matter if you have two tails attached to your butt. He will love you for the genuine person you are, tails and all. He won't care that you are such an avid book reader that you've got your books double-stacked on your shelves. He won't care that you're so into your dog that the dog's leash, collar and winter jacket are all personalized. I teach how to find the right guy!


Part 4 Your Game Plan

Here, we wrap up the book and start applying the principles learned! You've come a long way by books end and you will be chomping at the bit to reign in a guy!

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About the Author

Gregg Michaelsen is a top dating and life coach who focuses on helping women find great men. Having sold more than 250,000 books, he has helped thousands of women understand men and themselves so they can realize their dreams. 

The Untold Secrets is just one of Gregg's best-selling books focused on relationship building for women. Thousands of women have benefited from reading Gregg's books! Now, you can too!

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About the Author

“Build Yourself and He Will Come”

It has come to Gregg’s attention that you have over-complicated the male mind. He knows this because he includes his email address in every book and you reach out to him! He reads your emails and replies to every email, hoping to make a meaningful difference in your life!

You’re also a busy woman who doesn’t have time to read a book which is 50% fluff, 25% stuff you don’t understand (because you’re not a therapist) and 23% information you can find with a simple internet search.

You are a woman whose time is valuable. Gregg’s books are quick and to the point. The information provided is put into the easiest terms to understand and he leaves out the fluff!

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If you’ve answered “YES!” to even one of these questions, you should read his books!

Learn how to navigate the male mind with my many tips on dating, communication and building confidence. Understand the mistakes of the past and leave them there – in your past!

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Gregg continues to research dating and can be found on most Friday or Saturday nights hanging out in a local venue, talking to groups of women, helping them with their dating problems!

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