The Truth Of Reality

The Truth Of Reality

by Tj Day

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Facts are different from the truth. Many times people tend to brush problem under the carpet because their parents told them once, it was true. Remember that you are living in an imperfect world populated with human of different faces. You better questioned the way things are presented to you. Never take anything for granted. Your close ones tell you things that seem at reach, that seem like fairy tales, but the brutal truth of reality is something else.
Bullshit 1. We Are Born Equal

Bullshit 2. Your Appearance Doesn't Matter

Bullshit 3. You'll Be Accepted As You Are

Bullshit 4. Money, Fame & Success Will Not Make You Happy

Bullshit 6, Be Yourself

Bullshit 7. The Poor Always Stay Poor

Bullshit 8. Busy Mean Progress

Bullshit 9. You Have All Your Time

Bullshit 10. It's Urgent

Bullshit 11, You Matter


12. It's Temporary, 13. Life isn't fair, 14. Family matters more than friends, 15. Your Personality Depends on Your Behavior, 16. Sacrifice Today For A Better Future, 17. Sacrificing Health For Wealth, 18. Fear Of Embarrassment, 19. A "Must Now", "Obsolete" In A Near Future, 20. The Harder The Challenge, The Sweeter The Victory, 21. Choose Happiness, 22, Me, Me & Me, 23, Acknowledging Fear & Anger, 24. Life Is Big or Small ?, 25. You Must Understand How Money Works, 26. The Difference Between An ASSET And A LIABILITY, 27. The Deserving Mentality, 28. Be Sociable And Connect With Other People, 29. Stop Expecting Magical, 30. Create Daily Advantages, 31. Money, To Be Used As A Tool, 32. Increase Income Instead of Lowering Expenses, 33. Knockledge, Education & Money, 34. Don't work for money, Have money work for you!m 35. Solving problems, 36. Irrelevant Education, 37. Use Good Debt instead of Bad Debt, 38.The 20/80 Rule, 39. Money Solve Most Problems, Not All.

When Parets Liws

Is It Ok To Lie To Your Kids?

3. 25 Little White Lies We've Told Our Kids


1. Reality vs Truth

2.Reality vs Expectation

3. Reality vs Illusion

4. Reality VS Perception

5. Reality VS Appearance

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About the Author

Many examples, stories, anecdotes are the result of a collection from various sources, such as newspapers, magazines, speakers, seminars, webinars, workshops, books, conferences, interviews, and so on, over the last 20 years. Unfortunately, sources were not always noted or available; hence, it became impractical to provide an accurate acknowledgement. Regardless of the source, I wish to express my gratitude to those who may have contributed to this work, even though anonymously.

“I am the world, I speak ENGLISH, kiss like FRENCH, drive GERMAN, dress ITALIAN, team-work like JAPANESE, work like CHINESE, high-class like ENGLISH, business like USA, spirituality like INDIAN spend like ARAB, party like CARIBBEAN.”

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