The Saga of Trio de Dio

The Saga of Trio de Dio


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Zombies...everyone loves zombies - except Trio de Dio. Two military veterans, one a Highland Gordon and the other an Acadian from New Orleans, along with an American business student who hates his life and dreams of being a writer, are trying to survive a heat wave in Tucson, Arizona, when they discover that dreams really do come true.

After a night of binge-watching zombie movies, the trio get woke - by an apocalypse. Unlike most zombie fans, Desré, Granville and Blake, "Trio de Dio," don't want to stick around for the end of the world. They have someplace else they need to be - a reservation in South Carolina called the "the Fish-Camp," where Desré's relatives live. First, they need to stop in New Orleans and rescue Desré's brother Frank, a blues guitarist. All along the corridor of I-10 East, they are thwarted and distracted by the border patrol, hapless citizens, dizzy hippies, a steampunk band with flaming bagpipes, Coachella fanatics, zoo animals, Civil War reenactments, and a mysterious gentleman with a top hat and a shovel.

Dodging supernatural entities and not-so-natural disasters at every stop, the Trio leave chapters of their saga at every misfortunate junction for "lost Lenores" to find, inviting them to rendezvous at the Fish Camp.

This is not your ordinary zombie apocalypse and Trio de Dio are not your ordinary heroes. The Mojo Rising series invites readers and fans to come along for the ride as future contributors to the ongoing saga under a full publishing agreement as part of Bothsams Publishing's commitment to fostering independent creative collaboration....

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ISBN-13: 9781525545412
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Series: Mojo Rising
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

"Mojo Rising: The Saga of Trio de Dio" was collectively penned by Lourdes Curaçao, Blake Edwards and Granville Kalkwarf. Lourdes Curaçao is an Air Force Desert Storm veteran, musician, spoken word performer, professional story-teller, linguist, and author of "Walker, or, What Happened to the Tail of an American Indian in Tucson." Blake Edwards is a musicologist and author, whose first chapbook of neoclassical poetry, "Strange Diary Days: All That Can Be Imagined," was released in 2018. Granville Kalkwarf is a disabled veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an SP in the Navy and has dreamed of zombies every night since he was seven years old.

This first book in the ongoing series by Bothsams Publishing was designed to feature multiple contributors in each consecutive volume. Lourdes Curaçao is the manager of the civil service organization "Lokali Nation," involved in UNESCO's 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages preservation and revitaliza- tion campaign. Proceeds from her projects go toward supporting freedom of speech and press, providing job training in transcription and translation, and coaching spoken word and musical performers as a cohort of Ghanaian NGO Jubilee Projections International with Emperor Leander David, the founder of the Walk the Talk Group in Accra, a multi-lingual spoken word performance Bothsams Publishing troupe. She works with other indigenous communities internationally who are seeking to reclaim their identities and sovereignty through their language. Blake Edwards is a poet who endeavors to revitalize classical traditions in word-crafting and music. His philosophy of talent is that it requires discipline and practice to reach potential, no matter how innately gifted an artist is. Granville works as a volunteer with Veterans Administration support groups and believes that each of us has the power to shape our own futures, but only if we envision them as possibilities, first. The authors welcome collaboration from readers, fans and other individuals who know and value the power of story. They believe that the best way to make it through life is together and want their readers to know that we're only lost until we're found. They can be contacted through the publisher at

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