The Re-release of a Beautiful Story

The Re-release of a Beautiful Story

by Na'Toria Campbell


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I always felt like I had something tremendously important to say, but whenever I tried to speak, my words would go to left field when everyone I needed to share them with were in right field. Whenever I would find the courage to say what was in my heart, I felt like my communication skills were inadequate or not clear enough because the person I would be speaking to seemed as if they did not fully understand me. I allowed it to place fear and doubt inside of me. I limited myself from becoming and revealing my true self.

This book is for all people who are battling emotional hurts, abuse, sickness, pain or any form of dis-ease. I encourage you to move forward and live out your wildest dreams with love and peace surrounding your heart and mind.

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ISBN-13: 9781504360135
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/29/2016
Pages: 166
Sales rank: 1,256,849
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The Re-Release of a Beautiful Story

A Spiritual Guide that Will Help You Heal from your Past, Defeat Your Enemies and Walk into Your Purpose

By Na'Toria Campbell

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Na'Toria Campbell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6013-5


The Challenge: Answering the call that leads to discovering your purpose

"For many are invited, but few are chosen." --Matthew 22:14

The challenge that I faced when answering the call of God was that I felt as if I could not verbalize my thoughts in a way that would deliver a clear and crisp understanding to people. I would have the most formalized messages or words that would come to me from somewhere deep within. I had this strong desire to share it with others. However, when I would build up enough courage to say what was in my heart and mind, the words just fumbled out of my mouth or onto a piece of paper like a wide receiver fumbles a ball, and I lost the message. It was as though my thoughts and feelings could not travel down my vocal chords and out of my mouth. I could not even scribble them on a sheet of paper in enough time to share them. Whew! Thank you, God, for computer programs like Microsoft Word, because now I can type just as fast as I can think it. What I had to say was not from me but him — from the one God sent to save us; you know his name: Jesus.

I struggled with sharing the messages or words that were in my heart with others because of not only the constant criticism that highlighted my inadequate speaking and writing skills but also because the internal battles blocked me from sharing the Good News. How could I help and teach others how to live when I was grappling with my salvation? I was trying to understand the unfolding mysteries God was revealing to me all while sinking into the bottomless pit called Hades. I kept the words in my head and heart. Then I took the words and myself back to God.

I endured some major childhood trauma. God was the only one I felt safe revealing my true self. I often retreated to that place within me where I knew God existed, and I stayed there for nearly thirty-two years until I stepped out in faith and discovered my voice.

Before then, I was living aimlessly. I was so frustrated with the world, people, and myself for not living life the way I knew God instructs his children to live, and I would just shut down. I would try not to speak at all, or when I would decide to converse with others, I would talk about fundamental issues or generic concerns and topics.

Now, I understand what my purpose in life is, and I see why those offensive linemen were in a position to block me — the receiver and deliverer of the Good News. I allowed certain situations to knock me down. It often left me feeling as if I was beaten down, mocked, and scorned. I received blow after blow to shut me up and shut me down, but you know what? The more blows I took, the stronger I felt and the harder I fought back.

I am finally delivering the Word of God to you, so that goes to show you who won. All of the red ink, the mockery and the "you are not good enough" thoughts or comments were all LIES! You see, what I am sharing will help you change your life. It will inspire and motivate you to become your greatest self, and you will begin to believe and operate in faith towards living a life of purpose.

Deep down in my soul, I kept receiving burning messages, and they were screaming at me saying, "You have something to say, and they will listen." I also had other issues that blocked me from sharing these powerful and prophetic messages that came from God. One of the problems I dealt with was feelings of inadequacy in my walk with Christ. My life at the time when he called me from the burning bush was not the epitome of an example of Jesus' life. I was backsliding down mountains of sin towards the depths of Hades. So who was I to share these powerful life-changing words during a time when I needed a life makeover?

In a sense, I felt just like Moses. You know, the man from the Bible who led the Israelites out of Egypt. Well, let me give you a snippet of the story of Moses. God called Moses one day from out of a burning bush. He told Moses that he was sending him to the Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to request that he release God's people, the Israelites, out of captivity. God heard his children's cry for help, so he chose Moses to go and convince the Pharaoh to release them. He created Moses for this mission. However, Moses did not think that he was the best man for the job. He had a speech impediment, similar to my speech and writing issues, so he told God that he had chosen the wrong person. Moses felt that he could not speak well nor was he confident in himself to go before the leader and demand such a request. To add to Moses' dilemma, he had just murdered a man, and he was in hiding from the Pharaoh.

Now, imagine yourself in Moses' shoes. What would you have said to God? How would you have felt receiving such a request from the Creator? God asked him to go back to a place where he killed someone and become a leader. The task seemed incomprehensible, yet God said to Moses, "Yes, you can do it, and you will lead my people out of slavery." He gave Moses all of the instructions and tools that he needed to lead the Israelites out of bondage. God also advised Moses to have his brother, Aaron, speak for him. Aaron's purpose was to help Moses build up his confidence, and that is how he overcame his insecurities. Yes, Moses accomplished the monumental task of delivering God's children from out of the pharaoh's stronghold just as God instructed him to do. That was Moses' purpose. It was the reason God created him, which is why his legacy lives today.

Think of how Moses' life may have turned out had he not followed God's plan. The offer was honorable but carrying out such a request seemed unrealistic because of the life Moses was living at the time. Even still, Moses chose to step out in faith and accept God's command for his life. He carried out God's mission with fidelity. Like Moses and Aaron, God has a divine plan for my life, and he has one for you as well.

Oprah Winfrey said a quote that radiates in my being as truth. "Your real job in life is finding out your purpose." I made it my goal to find out exactly what God's plans were for me to fulfill because I was tired of resisting the burning passion and desires of my heart. The Bible says that before you were born, God had a plan and purpose for your life. Yes, we are all here together for a divine purpose. Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before you were in the womb I knew you; before you were born I set you apart."

God has a way of giving me signs to let me know whether I am on the right path or not. From as far back as I can remember, I always felt connected to another source, a higher source. I had a sense of safety and protection that came from some secret place. Even when I felt the worst and faced monumental challenges, I still believed that I would overcome them. In my heart, I felt as if I would get through the problem and become better than I was before it occurred. The words that God sent to me are not just for me, but they are for you as well.

In 2009, I received an urging message to share my life in written form. The problem I had with that calling was that I did not and still do not consider myself a great communicator. Although I had earned a master's degree by that time, I did not feel my writing skills were at the level needed to produce writing that was good enough to share with the world. As I struggled with the notion of not being good enough, something inside of me said, "Get it out, Freda. Get it out now."

Then I began to choke because I did not want to expose my hurts, disappointments, and shame to the world. To be honest, I did not want people seeing my vulnerabilities, especially those persons who had caused so much hurt in my life. I did not want to lead my enemies into my private life. In my mind, I thought that the less they knew about me, the less damage they could do to me. I tried my hardest to keep the very thing that God wanted me healed and delivered from hidden because I did not want to face others as well as myself.

To make things plainer, I did not want to become exposed. I did not want others to know just how badly my internal injuries were affecting me. I also did not wish to look at myself and face my demons because I knew it would hurt too badly. However, I could not keep it inside of me any longer because I was running out of bandages. It was becoming harder and harder to cover the internal injuries from my past because they were oozing over into my present.

I was also dealing with thoughts of what the people near and dear to me would think, like my family and friends. You see, I am an extremely private person, and I absolutely did not want my hurts, thoughts, and dreams exposed to the world.

Initially after hearing the call to share my life story, I decided not to answer it because of fear. My fear was comparable to the role of those big offensive linemen because it kept tackling me to keep me from catching the ball. I felt like no one was going to be able to receive what came from me anyways, so I dropped it. Who was I? Really, who was I to share my story about how I found God when my life did not exemplify living a Christ-like life at all? At the time, I was inconsistently visiting the church I had joined. I was not serving in ministry. To be honest, I have never served in my church.

I was what you would call a spectator or watcher. I was watching others in the church do all the work, while I sat back, relaxed and listened to the preacher. Then I would be quick to call out someone else's flaws while neglecting to see my shady behaviors. I was very similar to how a fan acts at a game. I sat down, stood up and cheered. Then I cried when my team won or lost. You could find me in the stands fussing and shouting at the team when they did something I did not like or understand. I did none of the hard work the players did to prepare and train for the game. I did not study my notes, or, in this case, the scriptures, and I prayed when I needed or wanted something. I did not give up anything or make daily sacrifices as a player does when he is training in the hot sun away from his family and friends for months at a time. Some of the insecurities that I faced resulted from the choices that I made. I was not ready to accept this fact because I did not want to acknowledge my faults. Not wanting to face my faults is the main reason I did not feel confident in my abilities to answer God's call. The more I resisted him, the more I felt a choking sensation.

The reason God called me to share my personal story was simple: so that I could heal. He needed me to heal so that I could become an example to help lead others to Christ so that he can heal them, too! He has to heal you first so he can train and prepare you to operate in your divine purpose. To tell you the truth, God did not create us to live in misery or unsatisfied contentment. God called me to share my life with you because he wants me to reveal the truth so that you can stop living a lie. His truth will lead you out of bondage and improve your life so that your mind can enter into rest. Then you can build and prosper in every area of your life.

I call the words that I receive "the truth" because they come from a place beyond my understanding and source of knowledge. At the time that I received God's call, I had just begun to receive revelations of things to come. I did not have a lot of biblical knowledge. However, I had just started receiving teaching from my bishop that brought about a deeper level of understanding, connections and confirmations of things I had known all along. I had not known them because I had no biblical or spiritual background to confirm them as true until I opened up and allowed Jesus to instruct and teach me the Godly way to live. All I had was an unyielding sense of right and wrong.

I followed a decent, orderly conduct based on the world's standard. I made good citizenship in school, kept my grades high, earned a scholarship, and became an educator. I was an overall good and decent all-American girl. The only negative that popped out for the world to see was that I became pregnant and had a baby out of wedlock.

Nowadays, the world has an approval code stamped on people who decide to create children without having a helpmate. It has become common for some people to produce children out of order. It is difficult for some single parents to live a productive lifestyle when they do not have consistent physical support. However, I must say that my son, even though his conception was out of order, helped to save my life. God turned my negative situation into something positive. My son gave me hope and the drive to keep living during times when I wanted to give up and die. God is so amazingly magnificent! He did that because he had a plan for my life.

Apparently, God knew something about me that I did not and could not even comprehend about myself. He knew that I had the ability to experience trials and to triumph over them. Believe me, when I say that God will not send you more than you can bear, so whatever challenges that you are facing are set up for you to overcome them. He is placing you in the refinery, watching and waiting for the silver inside of you to form so that he can transform you into gold. Refer to 1 Corinthians 10:13 for evidence.

After a while, I began to accept my calling to share my testimony. I even began to share with my close family members and friends my desire to write a book. They all encouraged me to go for it. However, I was still very hesitant. I attempted to share my story on several occasions, but I could never complete the task. I did not want people outside of my comfortable close-knit family and friends to know about my life. The people closest to me did not even know some of the deep-rooted emotional issues that were brewing inside of me. I was selective about what I shared with them, so how could I fathom the thought of exposing my life to people who I felt did not know or care about me?

I know that I am not the only person in this world to withhold their true self from others. I used to think before I discovered my purpose, which is a lot of us would not become who we are truly meant to be in this life because we are running and hiding from our true self just as I had done for so long. Now, I know that my old way of thinking was an LIE, too.

The truth is that if you do not become who you are destined to be, then it is because you just do not believe. For instance, I was holding back my authentic self and becoming what I felt was acceptable to the world because I did not believe in God's promises for his children. I believed the lies that Satan — the enemy — told me, and by doing so, I limited myself from becoming my greater and even highest self.

My lack of belief in God's promises came from the fact that I honestly did not know any better, but now I know better so, therefore, I do better. God created me for a divine purpose, just as he has created you for a specific role to help build up his kingdom. There are many people living short lives due to lack of understanding and wisdom. The constant attacks of life are designed to keep you in need and strife. The enemy does this to keep you on the cycle of hurt, disappointments, and lack. He wants to keep you in the darkness. He wants to block your view of the light so that you remain dependent upon his system, believing in his lies.

I discovered where that source of light comes from, and I have been standing in the light praying, fasting, and healing so that I can deliver this message to you. Allow me to point some spiritual light in your direction with this scenario so that you can begin to identify how to discover the person that you are to become. As you read the situation, take notice of how the enemy sets up traps to keep you on his dark and vicious cycle.

When you experience feelings of excitement or rush from the thought of becoming someone grand and respected, shortly after reality hits. Next, doubt sets in your mind. Then your dreams begin to fade away. The euphoric feelings you had after envisioning yourself becoming someone who is happy, successful, and fulfilled stems from the desire within you that is drawing you towards your divine purpose. Traditions passed down from man, and false religious teachings have created fear in many, and that fear is what withholds your authentic self from forming — fear of the outcome and of the unknown possibilities, fear of what others will say and think. This fear then causes you to accept the status quo and live a life based on the norms of society.

For instance, a person may say that he or she wants to become a nurse or science teacher. At the heart of things, you want to become a doctor or scientist that leads a team to find the cure for an incurable disease. I am not downing nurses or science teachers. We surely need them in our life. What I am saying is that when you allow God to lead you, he will put you in a position to become not just an ordinary nurse or teacher but an extraordinary one who is operating in a divine purpose.

When you ignore or miss his great call for your life, it opens the door for apathy to walk in and fester inside of you. The spirit of apathy leads you down a spiral slope that spins you downward to self-destruct and die before you have had the chance to live. Does this sound similar to what you are experiencing or have experienced in the past? If so, continue reading, and use my life story as your guiding light.


Excerpted from The Re-Release of a Beautiful Story by Na'Toria Campbell. Copyright © 2016 Na'Toria Campbell. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, v,
Acknowledgements, ix,
A Letter from the Author, xi,
Freda's Introduction, xvii,
Chapter 1 The Challenge: Answering the call that leads to discovering your purpose, 1,
Chapter 2 The Healing Process Begins Here: Traveling back to your past, 20,
Chapter 3 Discovering and Destroying Your Purpose: The decisions and choices that turn you away from following your heart's desires, 33,
Chapter 4 Satan's Vicious Cycle: The continuous destructive habits that lead to death, 47,
Chapter 5 The Fight: The closer you get to revelation the more the enemy attacks, 61,
Chapter 6 The Life-Changing Decision: Changing your heart and mind so that it resembles Christ, 71,
Chapter 7 Earthly Angels: People whom God assigns to plant or water His seed, 77,
Chapter 8 Spiritual Boot Camp: Jesus is your master teacher, 90,
Chapter 9 The Unveiling: Gaining Wisdom and Understanding, 107,
Chapter 10 The Ultimate Command: In Everything You Do, Choose Love, 128,
Chapter 11 The Certification: Your Changed Life Certifies You to Share the Good News, 135,
Notes, 145,
About the Author, 147,

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