The Power Wish: Japan's Leading Astrologer Reveals the Moon's Secrets for Finding Success, Happiness, and the Favor of the Universe

The Power Wish: Japan's Leading Astrologer Reveals the Moon's Secrets for Finding Success, Happiness, and the Favor of the Universe


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"Keiko's method can help people to make their dreams a reality." —Marie Kondo

Summon the energy of the universe to make your dreams come true with this bestselling guide to a powerful manifestation method by Japan's leading astrologer.

A million-copy bestselling author in Japan, Keiko is now sharing her secrets with the world. The Moon, according to Keiko, is "Earth's helpdesk," a liaison between Earth and the other planets, delivering our wishes to the universe. With Keiko's Power Wish Method, you will learn to speak the language of the Moon and the stars—specifically, how to . . .

wish upon the New Moon and the Full Moon—the phases when the Moon is available to help you;
make your wishes using words of high vibration that have the greatest cosmic resonance and fortune-boosting potential;
get the universe in the mood to help by embracing gratitude and positivity;
time your wishes to harness the particular strengths of all twelve zodiac signs, such as the speed of Aries, the financial expertise of Taurus, and the transformative power of Scorpio.

With Keiko as your astrological coach, you don't merely wait for the universe to fulfill your dreams; you become actively involved in charting a path for your life—and in finding the love, happiness, and success you've always desired.

"Astrology is not fortune telling, but rather the skill to read the energy of the stars." —Keiko


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About the Author

Keiko is Japan's leading astrologer and the founder of the Japanese Lunalogy Association. Her books have sold more than a million copies in Japan. The Power Wish is her first book and is being published in more than a dozen countries.

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Part i


What Is the New Moon and Full Moon Power Wish Method?


Whereas most astrologers read the flow of all things primarily through Sun signs, I use the Moon as my lens. This is the key difference between common astrology and my brand of astrology, which I call Lunalogy.


Lunalogy is a method for attracting good fortune through the Moon, and it consists of three elements:


1. Personal Moon Sign


Your personal Moon sign reflects your innate gravity-the power to attract things into your life. It is your Moon sign, not your Sun sign, that attracts all things that lead to happiness, such as career and romantic opportunities, true callings, sources of income, and soul mates. Why? Because of the Moon's gravitational pull.


My theory is that making the most out of your personal Moon sign is the key to finding good fortune and happiness.


For more details on personal Moon signs, see page 240 ("Technique 1: Take Full Advantage of the New Moon and Full Moon Occurring in Your Moon Sign").


2. Daily Moon Sign


The Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs every two and a half days, completing a full cycle in approximately 29.5 days. When you know which sign the Moon is in on any given day and take appropriate action (in how you dress, eat, live, act, see, and think), you are in sync with the rhythm of the Universe, which will bring you good fortune. If you make a habit of living according to the daily Moon sign, you will naturally become successful.


3. Power Wish


The Power Wish is a manifestation method that fully utilizes both your innate gravity (personal Moon sign) and the Moon's gravity (daily Moon sign). It is an extremely precise way to manifest your wishes and dreams using the gravity of the Moon at its peak every month, on the New Moon and the Full Moon. In this book, I explain this method in detail.


Why Wishing on the Moon Works


The New Moon, which occurs every month, is the day when the Moon and the Sun are in perfect alignment. Many people have a practice of journaling about their dreams and wishes on this day, but do you know why wishes come true when you write them down on the New Moon?


The Moon is the Earth's only satellite, a presence that connects the Earth to the Universe. Imagine an "Earth help desk" that acts as a liaison between those of us living on the Earth and the other planets in the solar system. The Moon is our designated help desk, delivering our wishes to the Universe.


The Moon is not the only thing that works hard for you; strictly speaking, it's the Universe that manifests your wish. Still, given that the Moon has been serving as the Earth's help desk for more than two hundred million years, there's no doubt that the smoothest way to send wishes to the Universe is via the Moon.


The Moon is the Earth's agent


You know how various brands have authorized retailers that function as satellite "agents" for the brands? Through the local stores, we can order the item we want (make a wish), and then receive that item (wish comes true). Wishing on the Moon works because it follows the same process. The Moon is the Earth's "agent," delivering wishes to the Universe.


It's important to note, however, that timing is key. Why? Because the Universe is not accepting orders 24/7. Just as stores have operating hours, the Universe also restricts the days it accepts wishes from us-to just two.


What determines whether your wish comes true?


The New Moon and the Full Moon are the two days every month that the Universe has designated for accepting our wishes. The reason that wishes on the New Moon and Full Moon tend to come true is that the Universe is already willing to grant them. As a general principle, the Universe intends to fulfill wishes it receives on the New and Full Moons.


If your wishes aren't coming true even though you made them on the right days, you need to realize that the problem lies with you. It means that you don't know how to effectively write your wishes.


Think about it: If you apply for a job, your application is first screened by the person in charge. If they don't approve of it, it's game over-in other words, your wish won't come true. This being the case, if you want your wish to come true, you need to write an application that grabs the heart of the one in charge.


In other words, in order to have your wish come true, you need to write it in such a way that it draws the Universe in. Even better is if it wins the Universe's favor so that you can become its favorite! That's right: Whether your wish comes true depends on how you write it.


If Your New Moon Wish Hasn't Come True


Every time I update my Japanese blog on the New Moon, I receive the same request from my readers: "Please teach me how to wish on the New Moon. If you have your own special writing method, I'd really like to know."


Although my readers have been asking this for a while, I had put it on the back burner, thinking it wasn't that urgent.


However, just recently I received this email from Chikako, one of my readers:


"I've been writing my wishes on the New Moon for more than three years, ever since I heard it's helpful. Although some of them have come true, the vast majority of them have not. Why is that? Am I writing them wrong? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with me?"


The trick is to get the Universe "in the mood"


"This is how I usually write my wishes," Chikako continued. "If I'm writing them wrong, could you give me advice on how to write them properly?"


As I read the wishes she said she had written the previous month, I was struck by how different her style was from my own, in terms of both structure and word choice.


And I thought, "Hmm . . . would these words ever get the Universe in the mood to grant her wish?"


The Universe is the one with the power to grant your wish. So unless you write your wish in a way that gets the Universe in the mood, it's all for nothing, isn't it?


That's when I thought of my friend Ken, who is currently the HR manager for a major corporation. When I met him for drinks recently, he got a little tipsy and blurted out, "I hate to say this, but I never look through every single job application. There's never enough time for that; I get thousands of them at once. Instead, I quickly pick out the ones that shine, and only look at those. There are certain ones that catch my eye, you know?"


As I remembered Ken's words, it occurred to me that Chikako's wishes haven't caught the Universe's eye.


Furthermore, I realized that there must be many more people like Chikako who are writing wishes in a way that doesn't get the Universe's attention.


And if all those people are feeling sad that their wishes haven't come true, there's no way I can ignore them. I have to teach them how to write their wishes properly so that they actually reach the Universe. That is the reason I decided to write this book.


Merely writing your wishes won't do


A disclaimer before I begin: There is no such thing as a "correct" way to write a New Moon wish. There's no right or wrong way when it comes to writing wishes.


That being said, there's definitely an effective way-one that gets the Universe on your side.


That very method is what I'm about to share with you. With this method, you will not only catch the Universe's eye but also win its favor.


If there were a company you really wanted to work for, wouldn't you tailor your job application to appeal to it? How talented or motivated you are is not the most important thing; your application has to catch the hiring manager's attention first and foremost.


One more thing: Even if your application does catch their attention, if what you offer doesn't match their needs, it's pointless. If the company is looking for a salesperson, then showing off your talent and experience in accounting isn't going to get you hired, is it?


No matter how much effort you put into writing your job application, if it doesn't match the company's needs or catch the hiring manager's eye, chances are you won't get past the initial screening. Your aspiration to work for the company will go unfulfilled.


It's the same thing with New Moon wishes.


The "sweet spot" that grabs the Universe's attention


When you write your New Moon wishes, if all you do is make a laundry list of what you want, you'll never see results. It's the Universe that has the power to grant your wish, so you have to adapt the wish to its liking. Otherwise, there's no point in writing the wish to begin with.


If, however, you write your wishes in such a way that the Universe takes notice, then you're in the driver's seat. As my friend Ken said, there's a certain writing style that shines. It's like a "sweet spot" that puts the Universe in the mood.


If you hit that sweet spot with the writing of your wishes, then manifesting becomes a piece of cake. As you get the hang of it, you'll become so in tune with the Universe that it will feel as natural as breathing for your wishes to come true. Eventually, you'll reach a state in which they come true before you even make them. This all becomes possible when you get on the same wavelength as the Universe.


The conditions for winning the Universe's favor


Just so you know, the Universe isn't fair. Perhaps the Buddha or bodhisattvas would save everyone equally, but not the Universe. It's partial only to the people it likes-those who can keep up with its rhythm.


Do you think that's horrible?


But you see, the Universe has very good reasons for favoring certain people. It favors those who bring happiness to those around them, those who give generously, and those who have a positive influence on the world. Naturally, these people's wishes are prioritized by the Universe, because when the Universe manifests the wishes of those who have a positive impact on those around them, then more and more people can find happiness.


If you had to choose between granting the wishes of someone who cares about only what they want and granting those of someone else who is willing to share the joy, wealth, and happiness of their manifestation with many more people-well, which would you choose?


I bet it's the latter. The Universe feels the same way.


When the wish comes true, return the love and gratitude


The Universe's will is for the Earth to be filled with love and for every person living on it to find happiness. But the Universe can't do all this on its own. We, the inhabitants of the Earth, have to do our part.


This doesn't mean, however, that you have to devote your whole life to serving others. It's not as if the Universe is expecting us all to become like Mother Teresa. As humans, it's natural for us to go after our dreams and ideals and to want to enjoy life. Having desires is not a problem at all.


That said, you have to first understand that it's all thanks to the people around you-and their material and moral support-that your wish can come true. The Universe gives the direction, but other people are the ones who actually make your wish come true.


When your wish comes true, express your gratitude with love, and return your happiness to the world. If you continue this cycle for the rest of your life, there'll be no limit to the quantity and scale of wishes the Universe grants you.


The Keiko-Style New Moon and Full Moon Power Wish Method


The wish-making method I am about to introduce is one that, until writing this book, I have shared with only close friends. Before I begin, let me be clear about one thing: I don't call these wishes mere New (or Full) Moon wishes; instead I use the term Power Wish.


Wish vs. Power Wish


It's been a long time since I started calling it a Power Wish instead of just a wish. It bothered me that the vibration of the word wish felt a bit weak; it just didn't feel like a good-enough match for the incredible power of the New Moon and Full Moon. When I asked myself what to call it instead, Power Wish immediately came to mind.


You won't believe how many of my close friends started to make great progress in their manifestations as soon as I told them to call it a Power Wish instead of just a wish. And all they did was use a different term.


Yet this makes perfect sense, because words carry vibrations. Whether you're calling something by a new name or writing a wish, what's important is the vibration. Using words of the highest, most powerful vibration is the key to manifesting.


That's why I call it the Power Wish Method. It's an amazingly powerful way to make your dreams come true. Think of it as a way of bringing your heart's desires into reality, far beyond just wishing and hoping.


Power Wish examples


What goes into a Power Wish? How is it different from normal wish writing?


Before I get into the details, I'd like you to see some examples. One is a Power Wish I myself wrote recently. Another is one that my friend Wakako wrote.


Power Wish Example 1


For more than a year, I had been looking for a food manufacturer to create a new product.


Perhaps because my requirements were so strict, I hadn't been able to find a good one. "I guess it's not easy after all," I thought, almost ready to give up. But then I realized that the following day was the New Moon. "Wait a minute-this is the perfect time for a Power Wish!"


The New Moon was in Pisces. The strengths of Pisces are unconditional love and connection to the invisible, so Pisces is not really suited for business wishes. However, with the Power Wish Method, that's not an issue at all, because you can communicate with the Universe through special words I call Anchoring Statements and Anchorings.

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