The Positivity Workbook for Teens: Skills to Help You Increase Optimism, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset

The Positivity Workbook for Teens: Skills to Help You Increase Optimism, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset

The Positivity Workbook for Teens: Skills to Help You Increase Optimism, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset

The Positivity Workbook for Teens: Skills to Help You Increase Optimism, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset


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Discover the secret to positivity by tapping into your inner strengths!

As a teen, your brain is changing every day. You’re more aware of the challenges and difficulties of life. You’re questioning everything. And you can tell when grownups are being fake or dishonest. All of these sudden realizations can be overwhelming, and as a result, you may fall into a “negativity trap.” And while there’s nothing wrong with a little sarcasm or skepticism—after a while, negative thoughts have a way of turning inward, causing stress, damaging your self-esteem, and crushing your confidence. So, how can you start building the real positivity you need to be happy, healthy, and in control of your life?

You only need to look inside yourself.

In this unique workbook, you’ll learn to tap into the power of your own character strengths—such as bravery, creativity, being a good friend, perseverance, honesty, and more—in order to build self-confidence, boost a positive attitude, and cope with the inevitable stress of life. You’ll also find out how to spot strengths in those around you, such as friends, family, teachers, and more. Finally, you’ll discover how your own character strengths can help bolster your engagement in life, enhance positive and healthy relationships, give your life greater meaning, increase your accomplishments, and even improve your physical health.

This isn’t a workbook to help you be sunny and happy for the benefit of others. It’s not a workbook to help you ignore the difficulties and injustices of our world. What it is is a toolkit for finding your own inner strengths and using those strengths to be your very best. Imagine all you can accomplish with the power of real positivity—both for yourself and the world!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684036028
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 12/01/2020
Series: Instant Help for Teens Series
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 192,557
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Goali Saedi Bocci, PhD, is an award-winning licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, published author, millennial expert, TEDx speaker, and media personality. She earned a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Notre Dame; and completed her internship at the University of California, Berkeley, where she had the distinction of receiving a national honor when selected for the Outstanding Graduate Student/Intern Award from the American Psychological Association’s Division 17. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Saedi Bocci is a columnist for Psychology Today; her Millennial Media blog has garnered over three million hits worldwide. She is also author of The Millennial Mental Health Toolbox, The Social Media Workbook forTeens, Digital Detox Card Deck, and PhDiva. She is a highly sought-after expert for top media outlets, including The New York Times, Newsweek, TIME, and ABCNews; and has served as a recurring guest on the acclaimed morning television show, AM Northwest, as well as Good Morning San Diego. She currently serves as adjunct professor in Pepperdine University’s graduate school of education and psychology. Her highest strengths are honesty, perspective, perseverance, social intelligence, hope, and zest.

Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, is a leading figure in the global education, research, and practice of character strengths that are found in all human beings. He is education director of the renown VIA Institute on Character, a nonprofit organization in Cincinnati, OH, that leads the advancement of the science of character strengths. He is an award-winning psychologist; certified coach; annual instructor at the University of Pennsylvania; and author and coauthor of ten books, nearly one hundred academic papers, and several-hundred user-friendly articles.

Niemiec’s books include the best-selling The Power of Character Strengths; and other leading books, including The Strengths-Based Workbook for Stress Relief, Character Strengths Interventions, and Mindfulness and Character Strengths. As a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader, he has offered several hundred presentations on positive psychology topics across the globe. He is a fellow of the International Positive Psychology Association, and serves on their Council of Advisors. He lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his wife and three young, zestful children. His highest strengths are hope, love, honesty, fairness, spirituality, and appreciation of beauty.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Letter to Parents and Professionals ix

Introduction 1

Part 1 Manifesting Positive Vibes Positive Emotions → Well-Being

Activity 1 Identifying Positive Emotions 12

Activity 2 The ABCs of Mood 15

Activity 3 Forecasting Your Mood 25

Activity 4 Happiness (Zest Booster!) 32

Activity 5 Optimism (Hope Booster!) 36

Activity 6 LOL and Live Fully (Humor Booster!) 41

Activity 7 How Positive Emotions Can Relieve Mental Stress 45

Part 2 Finding The Flow Of Your Life Your Engagement → Well-Being

Activity 8 What Motivates You? 50

Activity 9 Getting in the Flow 54

Activity 10 Engage with Your Signature Strengths 58

Activity 11 Commit Random Acts of Kindness 64

Activity 12 Use Your Strengths to Engage Your Mind and Heart 67

Activity 13 Overcoming Boredom 71

Part 3 Developing A Drama-Free (And Happy) Tribe Positive Relationships → Well-Being

Activity 14 Next-Level Bully Management 78

Activity 15 Are You My Friend or Frenemy? 82

Activity 16 Your Key Relationship Strengths 86

Activity 17 Stop Comparing Yourself to Others! 92

Activity 18 Getting Off (or On) the Social Media Bandwagon 95

Activity 19 Combatting Loneliness and Isolation 98

Part 4 Cultivating What Matters Most Meaning → Well-Being

Activity 20 Savor Special Moments with Family 104

Activity 21 Build an Attitude of Gratitude 107

Activity 22 Create Mindfulness Moments of Strength 110

Activity 23 Mindful Walking in Nature 113

Activity 24 Awe and Elevation 117

Activity 25 Cultivating Spirituality and the Sacred 120

Activity 26 Overcoming Jealousy, Envy and FOMO 123

Part 5 Your Goals, Your Life Accomplishment → Well-Being

Activity 27 Your Best Possible Self 130

Activity 28 Hope for Your Goals 133

Activity 29 Taming Your Inner Critic 136

Part 6 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Your Positive Health → Well-Being

Activity 30 Promoting Good Health 142

Conclusion 148

Further Reading 149

References 150


Bocci resides in Wilsonville, OR; Niemiec resides in Loveland, OH (the Greater Cincinnati Area).

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