The Message of God: Oneness With All Life on Earth

The Message of God: Oneness With All Life on Earth

by Roland Aranjo


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We are living in transformational times, as was predicted by ancient traditions and now confirmed by noted scientists. The workbook, The Message of God is your personalized step-by-step intention focusing guide for these evolutionary times.

"On Sunday evening about seven years ago at the end of an intensive transformational training program, I was blessed to experience the divine interconnectedness in our universe with every fiber of my mind, body and soul. With the crackling sound of a bolt of lightening, in that sacred moment it felt as though the universe was expanding into deeper realms. Suddenly I could feel, sense and perceive the sacred holiness in life, everything was as one. Through the course of the training, I had the opportunity to take a bold stand and share my deeply held beliefs about us creating a compassionate loving world where all children have the opportunity to realize their God given potential. This is the world I have always imagined and lived for."
Author, Roland G. Aranjo

Inspire the Life of Your Highest Calling By:

• Being one in your purposeful destiny.
• Standing in your authentic power.
• Supporting loving relationships.
• Practicing what you teach.
• Creating a sustainable community.

Empower Your Seven Days of Creation:

1. Monday - Clear the way
2. Tuesday - Enliven dreams
3. Wednesday - Inspire love
4. Thursday - Experience presence
5. Friday - Ground wisdom
6. Saturday - Cultivate compassion
7. Sunday - Awaken Oneness

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