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The Meaning of My Neighbor’s Faith addresses two of the most critical challenges of our time: immigration and religious diversity. The diverse group of contributors, representing a variety of religious traditions, disciplines, and methodologies, explore “the meaning of my neighbor’s faith” in the age of migration. Each author reflects on the meaning of religious traditions in the context of the unprecedented migrations of people who look and believe differently than their hosts. The volume is the work of scholars dedicated to advancing religious understanding of the debate and discussions on immigration in the light of religious diversity in America and other places in the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781978700697
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 12/17/2018
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 6.41(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.17(d)

About the Author

Alexander Y. Hwang is adjunct faculty at Saint Leo University and associate dean of international faculty at the Université Protestante au Coeur du Congo.

Laura E. Alexander is assistant professor of religious studies and holds the Goldstein Family Community Chair of Human Rights at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1“Islamic Creation Theology and the Human Being as Migrant”

Zeyneb Sayilgan

Chapter 2 “Interreligious Responses to the Settlement House Movement, 188 –924”

Anne Blankenship

Chapter 3 “From the American Protective Association to Trump’s America First: American Xenophobia in Historical Perspective”

James McBride

Chapter 4“Geohistory and Genomics: Implications for the Doctrine of Revelation”

Ron Choong

Chapter 5“The Divine Principle: Moon’s Prescription for Restoring America and the World Compared with Swami Prabhupada’s Approach”

Dawn Hutchinson

Section 2. Perceptions of Immigrants

Chapter 6“Immigrants as Terra Nullius: On the Need for a Comparative Theology of Decolonization”

Allen G. Jorgenson

Chapter 7 “The Christian Criteria for Assimilation: Racially Reading Christianity, Civility, and Social Belonging in the Modern Western World”

Jessica Wai-Fong Wong

Chapter 8“Migration and Interfaith Pedagogy: Crossing the Borders of Classrooms, Cultures, and Religions”

Kristine Suna-Koro

Chapter 9“The Great Exchange: An Interfaith Praxis of Absolute Hospitality for Asylum Seekers”

Helen Boursier

Chapter 10“Hafu or Dabaru? An Inter-religious Analysis of Migration and Japanese Cultural Identity”

Loye Sekihata Ashton

Section 3. Ethical, Political and Legal Perspectives

Chapter 11“The Moral Relevance of Borders: Transcendence and the Ethics of Migration”

Benjamin Schewel

Chapter 12“Immigration and the Theological Problem of Sovereignty: Catholic Social Teaching, Carl Schmitt, and the Theopolitical Foundations of the Modern State”

Matt R. Jantzen

Chapter 13“Religious Kinesis: A Challenge to the Plenary Power Doctrine’s Anthropology of Stasis”

Silas W. Allard

Chapter 14“Majority Church and Immigration: A Norwegian Case Study”

Kjetil Fretheim

Chapter 15“The Global Refugee Crisis and Religious Ethics: Questions to Ask”

Laura E. Alexander

Section 4: My Neighbor’s Faith and Mine

Chapter 16“On Being a Muslim in a Non-Islamic Society: Seeing Islam in the ‘Other’”

Hussam S. Timani

Chapter 17“Immigration and Ecclesial Receptivity: Congar and Rahner as Resources for an Ecumenical and Philoxenical Ecclesiology of Reception”

Michael M. Canaris

Chapter 18“Who is My Neighbor to Me: An Augustinian Reflection”

Alexander Y. Hwang

Chapter 19“An Evangelical Reflection on My Non-Christian Neighbor”

Ken Fong

Chapter 20“European Immigration to America: Dislocation and Responses”

Dan Campana

Chapter 21 “A Jewish Problematization of My Neighbor’s Faith”

Daniel Maoz

Chapter 22“‘Becoming American’: Muslim Neighbors Embracing a Judeo-Christian Country”

Zahra Jamal
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