The Maqlu Ritual Book: A Pocket Companion to Babylonian Exorcisms, Banishing Rites & Protective Spells

The Maqlu Ritual Book: A Pocket Companion to Babylonian Exorcisms, Banishing Rites & Protective Spells

by Joshua Free (Editor)

Hardcover(10th Anniversary Collector's ed.)

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A collector's edition of a long-lost translated cuneiform tablet collection revealing the most ancient and complete guide to Babylonian spiritual and magical protection spells, exorcisms rites, and banishing rituals—right from the heart of Mesopotamia as used by Mardukite priests, priestesses and magicians of Sumerian Anunnaki tradition.

The Maqlu Ritual Tablets of Babylon... the most ancient and coveted complete magical manual concerning the Dark Arts ever known to man—newly translated and prepared by the “Mardukite Research Organization” for a special 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition. This tome celebrates a decade of intensive academic and esoteric exploration, drawn from the underground archives of “Mardukite Chamberlains,” and now accessible to the modern public for contemporary practice in an incredible new way for the first time ever.

Here is an authentic cuneiform tablet collection—perhaps the very first “spellbook” of its kind on the planet—the complete account of a Mesopotamian magical tradition that forms a “grimoire” of very real and very ancient Sumerian Anunnaki magic. “The Maqlu Ritual Book” reveals materials used by magicians and priests for thousands of years to reverse the effects of evil spells and curses, banish disease and nightmares, combat in wizards' duels, and even conjure protection and blessings of the gods to benefit the entire community!

The Maqlu Ritual Tablets of Babylon... no mere “folk magic” or rural witches Book of Shadows, the Maqlu cuneiform tablet series was first in possession only of the highest orders of priest-scribes, temple-magicians, priestesses and kings of ancient Mesopotamia—the ancient “cradle of modern human civilization.” Maqlu magic was so powerful that the government of the greatest ancient empires in history employed it to ensure prosperous lands, happiness among the population, and carrying the awesome abilities to dispel chaos, evil, and malignant forces in the world—things we long for, and are in great need of, even today. Perhaps this long forgotten occult secret is the key!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578481333
Publisher: Joshua Free
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Edition description: 10th Anniversary Collector's ed.
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Joshua Free is a world-renowned underground occult expert and the prolific author of over 20 books on ancient history, archeology, alternative science, practical mysticism, and NexGen systemology (systems theory). He founded the "Mardukite Chamberlains" in 2008, and is the Director of the "Mardukite Research Organization," resulting in the production of their most famous literary contribution: "Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible."

Table of Contents


– The Maqlu Exorcisms & Banishings . . . 10

– The Book of Maqlu & Maqlu Ritual . . . 11


– The Dark Arts of Babylon . . . 16

– Maqlu Magic . . . 23

– Babylonian Magic & Witchcraft . . . 25

– The Maqlu Ritual Instructions . . . 29


– The Maqlu Series : Tablet I . . . 34

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet II . . . 44

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet III . . . 59

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet IV . . . 73

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet V . . . 83

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet VI . . . 96

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet VII . . . 104

– The Maqlu Series : Tablet VIII . . . 118


– The Maqlu Series : Tablet IX . . . 124

– Suggested Reading . . . 130

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