The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian

The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian

by Lyn Lifshin


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"Thoroughbred racing has never gotten over Ruffian. Lyn Lifshin came out of nowhere to become a Ruffian fan, a zealot for everything Ruffian stood for and all that she touched. Her poems will carry you away to a field of Kentucky foals, to the racetrack where each new horse could be the one, to the bone-numbing feeling of a runaway winner and to the despair of watching brilliance flame out. Ruffian would have liked Lifshin." --Sean Clancy, author of Saratoga Days

"Eros and Equus perfectly combine in these sleek, sensual poems. From brilliant filly to tragic fatality, Lifshin keeps pace with this dark darling of the track, everybody's favorite-Ruffian." --Laura Chester

"These poems do the memory and legacy of Ruffian The Beauty justice at last. Poetry is the only medium to evoke the life and tragic death of this extraordinary horse, and Lyn Lifshin proves more than up to the task. They mirror the evolution of Ruffian's athletic prowess and striking black beauty with deft attentiveness and poignant detail. They do not merely honor the memory of Ruffian, but invoke the dynamic ghost of her radiant presence . . ." --Joe La Rosa

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ISBN-13: 9781881515791
Publisher: Texas Review Press
Publication date: 07/01/2005
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

LYN LIFSHIN, whose Before It's Light won the Paterson Poetry Award, has published more than 100 books of poetry, and her work has appeared in hundreds of journals and anthologies. Her new chapbook, Barbie Poems, is out.

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