The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

by David Bale


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What is The Ketogenic Diet?
The main goal of the Ketogenic Diet, for fitness and weight loss is because it forces the body to burn fats.

In order to get on board with this diet, you will have to reduce carbohydrates and ramp up protein and other supplements.

The Ketogenic Diet is not so much about omission as it is about balancing things in a different manner. Instead of focusing on low fat items, and no carbs, it's about lowering the intake to a different level.

When these things are done in the right fractions, the body spikes metabolic rate and burns a lot more calories than others.
Making the Ketogenic Diet Work For You
Avoiding all carbs is not strictly necessary, but you want to limit everything to a certain portion. The less you have, the better, but a complete omission may be very difficult to do.

You will have to make sure that you separate your food into 75% fat, 20% proteins, and roughly 5% carbohydrates.

This may seem difficult at first glance, but don't worry, there are some common sense rules that you will need to apply in order to gain leverage in this category.

10 Days Later....
If you want to ensure that you make it through your first 10 days, there are some essential tips that will ensure you make strides forward:

Look at all the things that you have in your cabinet and start to switch things out for better items. If you have a lot of bread and different carbohydrate rich foods, slowly replace them with other options.
You don't need to make drastic switches, but rather slowly start shopping without them in mind.

The Ketogenic plan may sound like a true way to indulge. For many it will not feel like a diet because of the high fat content. However, you will want to keep in mind that it's still a diet.

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The Benefits
Tips For Success In The First 10 Days
Things To Avoid In The First 10 Days

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