The Ikigai Journey: A Practical Guide to Finding Happiness and Purpose the Japanese Way

The Ikigai Journey: A Practical Guide to Finding Happiness and Purpose the Japanese Way

by Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles

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In The Ikigai Journey, authors Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles take their international bestseller Ikigai: the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life a step further by showing you how to find your own ikigai through practical exercises, such as employing new habits and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Ikigai is the place where our passion (what we love), mission (what we hope to contribute), vocation (the gifts we have to offer the world) and profession (how our passions and talents can become a livelihood) converge, giving us a personal sense of meaning. This book helps you bring together all of these elements so that you can enjoy a balanced life.

Our ikigai is very similar to change: it is a constant that transforms depending on which phase of life we are in. Our "reason for being" is not the same at 15 as it is at 70. Through three sections, this book helps you to accept and embrace that—acting as a tool to revolutionize your future by helping you to understand the past, so you can enjoy your present.
  • Section 1—Journey Through the Future: Tokyo (a symbol of modernity and innovation)
  • Section 2—Journey Through the Past: Kyoto (an ancient capital moored in tradition)
  • Section 3—Journey Through the Present: Ise (an ancient shrine that is destroyed and rebuilt every twenty years)
Japan has one of the longest life spans in the world, and the greatest number of centenarians—many of whom cite their strong sense of ikigai as the basis for their happiness and longevity. Unlike many "self-care" practices, which require setting aside time in an increasingly busy world, the ikigai method helps you find peace and fulfillment in your busy life.

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About the Author

Francesc Miralles is a lecturer and award-winning author of bestselling books in the areas of health and spirituality. Born in Barcelona, he studied journalism, English literature and German philology, and has worked as a translator, editor, art therapist and musician. His novel Love in Lowercase has been translated into 28 languages.

Hector Garcia was born in Spain and worked at CERN in Switzerland before moving to Japan, his home of more than 15 years. In Japan he developed voice recognition software and the technology for young Silicon Valley companies to enter the Japanese market. His popular blog led to his internationally successful book A Geek In Japan.

Table of Contents

The Ikigai Adventure A Journey Through the Stations of Happiness 11

Part 1 A Journey Through Our Future 17

1st Station: Shinkansen "Bullet train" thinking 22

2nd Station: Mount Fuji Stretching the boundaries 31

3rd Station: Ganbarimasu The power of patience and perseverance 39

4th Station: New Habits 21 days to change your life 46

5th Station: Feedback How others see us 52

6th Station: Senpai Put a mentor (or two) in your life 56

7th Station: Emulating Discovering, imitating and outdoing 63

8th Station: Your Element Through what you don't like, you'll get to what you do 71

9th Station: Franklin A method for strengthening our virtues 78

10th Station: Gasshuku "Shinkansen sessions" 84

11th Station: Adventure Stepping outside your comfort zone 90

12th Station: Timing Taking each train in time 94

13th Station: Pareto The 80/20 rule 99

14th Station: The Power of Words Give your projects memorable names 105

Part 2 A Journey Through Our Past 111

15th Station: Kindergarten Recovering the power of children 115

16th Station: Nostalgia Returning to the source of our happiness 122

17th Station: Friendship Reboot your friend map 125

18th Station: Hindsight Connect the dots 130

19th Station: Analog How to go on a digital diet 133

20th Station: Slow Life You can get a long way walking slowly 139

Part 3 A Journey Through Our Present 143

21st Station: Presence If you aim at two ducks, you miss them both 147

22nd Station: To Write is to Select The power of putting pen to paper 152

23rd Station: Haiku Awaken your inner poet 156

24th Station: Crucial Decisions Initiatives that change your life forever 159

25th Station: Night Shift Activating the nighttime office 164

26th Station: Enso The circle of inner harmony 168

27th Station: Koan The power of lateral thinking 172

28th Station: Mindfulness Cultivating your undivided attention 176

29th Station: Serendipity When accidents are fortunate 179

30th Station: Rak Random Acts of Kindness 185

31st Station: Touch The importance of touching 188

32nd Station: Uncertainty The best plan is not to have one 192

33rd Station: Kaizen Constantly changing for the better 196

34th Station: Kyudo The art of archery 202

35th Station: Toshogu The lesson of the three monkeys 206

How to Awaken the Power of Ikigai

Tune in to your life goals 211

The end is the beginning 220

The 35 keys to living your ikigai 221

Acknowledgements 223

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