The Ides of Daisy March

The Ides of Daisy March

by Sally Patricia Gardner


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I was five years old when my mother told me that she was not my mother ...

This is the first line of Daisy's story which begins in 1916, when she is wrenched from her 'family', and plunged into a strange and confusing childhood. Her difficult relationship with her mother continues to overshadow the adult Daisy, especially in her often injudicious interactions with the men in her life. The enigmatic 'Sir', a benign but occasional presence in her childhood, encourages her fascination with photography, which leads her into a career that takes her to many dangerous places in Britain and Europe. Her work as a war photographer will influence attitudes across the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781535324687
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2016
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

I thought it was time to update this page, as I am really excited at the moment! I have been working hard on my latest novel and the 'The Ides of Daisy March' but if you would like to read a taster, the first few pages are on the blog page of my website: . Born 'out of wedlock' in 1910, Daisy's life and eventual career as a war photographer have consumed and fascinated me while writing her life and I do hope my readers will agree!
Writing fiction is like being given a get-out-of-jail free card, permission to become anything and anybody you fancy. A copper, a crook, a grande dame, a movie star, a murderer, there are no limits. And we don't need to stop at being mere humans. Oh, no. I have been a cat, several dogs and even once, a rabbit (don't ask). There are no boundaries of time and space, Utopia, Dystopia, heaven or hell, Bagdad or Brighton - you can go, stay, pass through anywhere you like.
I began to write almost by accident. I had written plays, in a previous life as a jobbing actor, but it was an invitation to go along to Shorelink Writers about a dozen years ago that plunged me into the world of novel writing. My husband, Roland, was already writing for various newspapers and I persuaded him that it would be fun for us to meet some fellow scribblers. You just never know what is going to change your life, do you? But that decision surely changed mine.
We hadn't been to many meetings when I was asked if I would write an article for the group's anthology. Not because of my brilliance, but because they were short of copy. So I began a short piece and then found I couldn't stop writing. 100,000 words later, I came up for air and that piece had become Lillian's Story, One Woman's Journey through the 20th Century. To my amazement, it was published in 2007, and has since sold thousands of copies all over the world in hardback, paperback and, eventually, in Kindle.
As you will see from my website, I have written four more books since then and they have all been popular. I love to write, but sometimes it takes a back seat to the demands of our pets. We have three dogs (one of whom is a working therapy dog) and some rescued cats. Connie, our therapy dog, is often asked to give talks about her work. On account of her being a dog, I write these for her, and also speak on her behalf. But she does sit beside me looking very professional. Mostly!

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