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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

by Ronald J. Johnson


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The story of William Miller is interesting to me because each time I hear him mentioned on the radio by religious commentators the portrayal is typically negative. When Christ did not return as he had predicted, he was disappointed. Miller was a man of deep, powerful, unshaken faith and conviction in the word of God. When you read the story, you will recognize the conviction of the man in his own words. The resiliency of his faith in Christ is a huge noteworthy factor for those facing religious disappointments in our day. I thought too, that Miller's difficulty was in regard to matters so simple that it was not conceivable that someone could possibly get it wrong. The movement he raised is concern with the belief in the imminent return of Christ. He raised up a great awakening among protestants. Many had sold off all of their possessions and waited for Christ to appear on the various dates setup by Miller and his associates. Miller had expected Christ to return in March 1843-1844. The reader who have been through a similar difficulty may find comfort and hope after understanding Miller's story.
Ronald J. Johnson, N.D., received his doctorate in Naturopathic medicine from Natural Life Center and Drugless Therapy Institute and a Bachelor in Biological Science from Florida Memorial University. He lives in Florida with his wife and two Children. He has more than twenty years of experience dealing with the issues in the Advent movement, as pastor, author and lecturer. He has led in raising church groups in various states in the U.S. and abroad. He gives health lectures, seminars, and consultations/education as need arise. He generally speaks at churches of different faiths, in hope of raising the spiritual bar of faith in Jesus for thousands which otherwise would slumber.

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