The Golden Locket

The Golden Locket

by Alfonso Gonzales


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It was on one of many family hunting trips near a Gypsy camp that the Gypsies gave the Golden Locket to Eric's father Carl who had mysteriously become blind. It was Eric's Grandmother who believed the "Black Madonna's" picture inside the locket that had restored his vision. Later during the war, Eric, in his capacity as a Doctor, used the "Golden Locket" on critically wounded or ill patients who were close to death.

After the invasion of Russia, Eric and Hans were assigned to Minsk. There they used the pick-pocketing skills they learned from the Gypsies to convince Field Marshall Von Kluge to send the Gypsies into Russia as pick-pocketing spies. The saving of Gypsies and Jews using this plan continued until the Russians began pushing the Germans back out of Russia.

Years after the war, the "Golden Locket" was put away never to be used again or was the "Golden Locket" passed on to an unexpected relative?

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