The Goat, the Babe, and the Maroons

The Goat, the Babe, and the Maroons

by Stanley G Phillips


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The Goat, the Babe, and the Maroons is a Humorous and entertaining look at three particular curses of the Sport's world.Out of the annals of sports history three tales of fantasy and lore are shared as their stories come alive. From the Baseball World you learn how two curses, "The Curse of the Bambino" and "The Billy Goat Curse," were finally brought to their end...and by whom. As for the final tale, very few are aware of the third curse's existence. It's dawning came about over the matter of the stolen NFL Champion Title of 1925. This tale deals with the struggle of the Pottsville Maroons in the attempt to regain their rightful claim to fame as NFL Champions of 1925.Many people believe curses such as the "The Curse of the Bambino" and "The Billy Goat Curse," met their demise on the playing field. Little does anyone know these curses were actually ended with help from ordinary people who never stepped foot on a professional sports field.As for the matter of the Pottsville Maroons their curse still continues. The only hope of the Football Cardinals ending their curse is by returning, or at the very least sharing the 1925 NFL Champion Title with the rightful champion - the Pottsville Maroons. If not the Maroons have to wait for public opinion to rise up to force the NFL hand to correct a terrible matter of injustice.

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