The Forgotten Self: A Book of Reminders

The Forgotten Self: A Book of Reminders

by Asa E. Lennon
The Forgotten Self: A Book of Reminders

The Forgotten Self: A Book of Reminders

by Asa E. Lennon


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The Forgotten Self is a product of a lifetime study of meditation, eastern philosophy and spiritual seeking. The author, a martial arts teacher and practitioner, found a need among his fellow students for a how to manual on the subject of meditation. This instructional paper became a chapter in this three-part book. The Forgotten Self deals with such topics as meditation, world religions, metaphysics and spirituality as it relates to todays world. It is a guideline for the spiritual life-style as well as an instructional manual for unlocking those lost or unknown abilities latent in mankind as a species. Insightful and rewarding, The Forgotten Self promises to leave the reader with a better understanding of reality, the universe and his part in it. Divided into three separate sections, this book leads the reader through a process of opening possibilities, providing answers for them and expanding awareness through practical experiments. The first part is The Essence of Reality. Here the author discusses such topics as modern society, individual and mass reality, and forgotten ancient wisdom. Asa Lennon believes there are abilities of mankind that have, in the whir of modern society, been anciently forgotten. He hopes to show the reader that man has reached the point in history where he teeters between existence and extinction between civilization and chaos. It is the distancing of man from spirit that is at the heart of this problem. By returning to spirit, we can reclaim our heritage as keepers of the Earth and her treasures. The second part is The Mystic Way the Forgotten Path. Here Lennon discusses the solutions to problems that plague mankind individually and en masse. This part outlines specific ways to enhance your life, society and the universe as products of the conscious awareness of the individual. Part three will open the readers awareness through the introduction of various spiritual and metaphysical concepts. Entitled Remembering Yourself, it not only provides mind-challenging possibilities, but actually describes experimental opportunities in the chapter 20 The Human Laboratory. Asa Lennon promises the Forgotten Self will embark the reader on a journey of increased awareness, spirituality and wonder as the forgotten self once again becomes known.

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About the Author

Asa Lennon lives in the plush Hudson Valley area of up state New York. A post forty father of four, he is an avid practitioner of meditation and martial arts. Also a life-long outdoorsman, he spends every possible chance in outdoors activities, communing with nature, spirit, family and friends. Being a frequent white-water rafter, Lennon derives much of his spiritual knowledge from the outside worlds that few people get to see. He believes much of what we seek is encoded in the dramas of the natural world, as well as the world of dreams and in the light of revelation. Hoping to unlock those messages for others, he has written about them. “The Forgotten Self” began as a “how to” meditation instructional course for his martial arts students.

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