Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Vol. 4: The Feathered Serpent, Part 2

Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, Vol. 4: The Feathered Serpent, Part 2

by Chris Heimerdinger

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The Journey

"As we separated from the rest of the refugees of Zarahemla, a terrible vision haunted my thought. By abandoning my two younger children to search for Melody, might I lose my entire family?"

The Destruction

"It was coming from the north, a wall of rolling, tumbling, churning clouds the color of charcoal, the sweeping palm of God."

The Glory

"The man's eyes moved across the gathering at Bountiful's Temple. They were the bluest I have ever seen, and as clear and bright as the limitless universe."

Join Jim Hawkins and family as they stand face-to face with the ultimate forces of good and evil in this, the forth volume of the best-selling Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. Hearts will pound and adrenaline will rush as this spectacular Book of Mormon epic races to it's breathtaking climax.

Completely revised and newly recorded by the author - containing twice as much of the book as the original recording.

The Destruction

See also Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, Gadiantons and the Silver Sword, Feathered Serpent, Part 1, Sacred Quest, Lost Scroll, Golden Crown, Warriors of Cumorah, Tower of Thunder, and Kingdoms and Conquerors.

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