The Christ-Centered Home: Inviting Jesus In

The Christ-Centered Home: Inviting Jesus In

by Emily Belle Freeman

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We often think of Jesus' ministry as teaching to the multitudes, feeding the 5,000, teaching in the temples and synagogues, teaching on the mountainside of the seashore. But many of His most personal teachings were done within the walls of a family's home. His followers invited Him into their personal spaces, and He blessed them, healed them, and performed miracles for them. So it is today. When we invite Jesus into our homes, we will also be blessed and healed and see miracles.

Best-selling author, Emily Belle Freeman invites readers to create a more Christ-centered home through a series of twelve stories featuring Jesus teaching in the home, including the houses of Zaccheaus, Jarius, and Peter and houses in Galilee, Jerusalem, and Capernaum. Freeman encourages families to experience a Christ-centered conversation, connection, and celebration. She writes, "Maybe you could set aside one night every month for your family to discuss an attribute of Jesus Christ and a lesson He taught within someone's home. Then you could set a family goal that would allow your family to connect personally with that lesson, and you could end the evening with a simple celebration." Invite Christ into your home and allow Him to make your home a home of refuge, grace, and joy.

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Publication date: 03/22/2016
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About the Author

Emily Belle Freeman is a coach's wife, a mother to four children and a few others who have found refuge in her home, author of several bestselling books, and sought-after inspirational speaker.

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There is a great power that comes when Jesus Christ becomes the central focus of our home. If our conversations center on Christ, if paintings of Him hang on our walls, if His words have a place in our hearts, and His attributes become characteristic of each member of our family, we will experience an added measure of peace, strength, courage, and hope in the moments when we need it most. But how is it done?

I spent a lot of time pondering that question over this past year. It was late one evening when the answer finally came, What better way to learn about having a Christ-centered home than from Christ Himself? What if we turned to the New Testament and focused on the lessons Jesus taught within the walls of the actual homes of His followers? Would those lessons help Jesus to become the focal point of our own homes?

After that epiphany, I completely immersed myself in the accounts of the four Gospels. I read specifically looking for the moments Jesus spent inside people's homes. As I began to study the lessons that Jesus taught in the homes of his followers, I started taking notes of the things I wanted to remember to teach my own family. As I read I realized that I could be more deliberate in making my home Christ-centered. Through the process, twelve lessons stood out to me. They were powerful, and yet the learning within the lessons was simple. Looking over the list I wondered what would happen if our family chose to devote one year to studying those lessons and applying the principles into our own home.

Hence, this twelve-month journey.

Perhaps you would like to join this journey-a journey that is not meant to overwhelm, but simply meant to enrich. Maybe you could set aside one night every month for your family to experience a Christ-centered conversation, connection, and celebration. On this night your conversation could include discussing a a lesson Jesus taught within the walls of one of His follower's homes, then you could set a family goal that would allow your family to connect personally with that lesson, and last you could end the evening with a simple celebration.

Table of Contents

The House of Zacchaeus: A Household Where He Abides
The First Month: Invite Him In
The House on the Borders of Tyre: A Household of Faith
The Second Month: Expect Miracles
The House in Galilee: A Household of Prayer
The Third Month: Conversations With Him
The House of Jairus: A Household of Scripture
The Fourth Month: The Stories of Jesus
The House of Peter: A Household of Holiness
The Fifth Month: The Day That Is His
The House in Jerusalem: A Household of Unity
The Sixth Month:  Do Nice.  Be Sweet.
The House in Capernaum: A Household of Grace
The Seventh Month: Grace in the Ordinary
The House in Cana: A Household of Change
The Eighth Month: Forget Your Perfect Offering
The House That Was Full: A Household of Love
The Ninth Month: A Refuge for Weary Travelers
The Lord’s House: A Household of Worship
The Tenth Month:  A Home That Believes
The House of Martha and Mary: A Household of Gratitude
The Eleventh Month: Words Cannot Express
The House on the Rock: A Household Built Upon Christ
The Twelfth Month:  Build Upon a Rock

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