by Bijay Bhujabal


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The Business Quiz Game Book is a Series of business quiz books in a gamified format. Quiz questions in almost all the areas of business and management, viz, general and strategic management, functional areas such as marketing, finance, HR, and IT, economics, quality, corporate affairs, eminent management gurus and industry professionals. Questions also on management jargon. History of business and trade is a new genre of business quiz in this series. Global in coverage.The questions are based largely on trivia and lesser-known facts and give the readers a sense of discovery. The Series would be of interest to regular quizzers, participants of quiz competitions and shows, besides of course to students, educators and industry professionals in the field of management. Highlights of The Business Quiz Game Book Series:Source of Multi-functional, multi-industry knowledge in management . Global in Coverage . Posers from the ancient to the modern times . Covers almost all the areas of Business & Management . Posers on management jargon - interesting to peculiar . Posers are trivial to serious in nature . 25 Gamified Question Sets in each Volume . Each question set has four sections with different difficulty levels - StraightCut, MCQs, IncreasingReturns and Bid-to-Win . Interesting scoring patterns in two sections - In IncreasingReturns section, points increase with each successive question. In Bid-to-Win section, you bid for 10, 20 or 30 points depending on your comfort level! . Freedom to customize the Game Rules ! Don't have to wait for quiz competitions ! Play with self or friends . Get the feelings of a live quiz competition . Find out your own Business Quiz Quotient as well as your friends in each Set and each Volume in the Series . Challenging for the Quiz Enthusiasts . Informative for the Newbies . Well-researched Answer Notes to each and every poser a source of additional information . Promises to be a good travel companion ! . Management educators could use many posers as examples, triggers for further discussions in the management classes and even as ice-breakers or de-stressors in their management development programs. Could be useful in management entrance examinations like CAT/MAT/XAT/SNAP/CMAT/IBSAT, etc.From The Business Quiz Game Book Vol 31.Well-known management gurus like Tom Peters, Richard Pascale, Kenichi Ohmae, Pankaj Ghemawat, and Donald Sull are all alumni of which consulting firm?2.What item of packaging developed by Chapman Root of Root Glass Company in 1916 has become synonymous with a brand since then?3.The promoter family of which Indian pharmaceutical major traces its origin to a Sufi saint Khwaja Ahrar of Iran?4.If IBM is the Big Blue, Coca Cola the Big Red, then what is Big Black?5.Reckitt introduced this product, the bottle mentioned a different name as the manufacturer to dissociate Reckitt's traditional image so that it is not a handicap to sell the product. Name it.6.It is a common knowledge that many celebrities pretend to be romantically involved in order to obtain media coverage. What is this kind of romance called?7.The original British name of Hindustan Motors' car Contessa is also the name of an inner city district of Liverpool, England. Which district?8.Which Scottish industrialist based in Calcutta was known as the "White Bania" because of his association with Indian merchants and moneylenders?9.One of the most famous products from Du Pont could have been named Duparooh, coined from "Du Pont pulls a rabbit out of a hat"! What is it?10.Sometimes, the contract between the labor union and employer may require the latter to pay for the execution of unnecessary work or keep workers whose services are not needed. In HR terminology, what is this practice called?" The Author has adopted the Gaming Mantra and brilliantly gamified his new business quiz books to make them more engaging for, and appealing to, all sorts of readers...." - Ambi Parameswaran

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ISBN-13: 9781980439707
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 08/24/2018
Pages: 192
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