The Building Of a Confident Teen: Your Future Starts Now

The Building Of a Confident Teen: Your Future Starts Now

by Gregg Michaelsen, Kirbie Earley

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The Building Of a Confident Teen

Are you a teen girl struggling to find your identity? Are the pressures of growing up mounting? Wouldn't it be cool if someone powerful could step into your life right now, throw caution to the wind, and make a major impact on your happiness, confidence, and future?

Hi I'm Gregg and I have sold more than 100,000 books for women. I am a top life and dating coach in Boston.
But I did not write this book!

What? Why? My fellow coach Kirbie has written this book because I wanted to give you some insight from a successful woman with kids who went through all the struggles you are going through. She can now look back and see what she could have done better had she had the tools you are about to learn. This journey you are about to take will make all the difference in the world to your self-esteem.
This will change everything you do on a daily basis. We are here to mentor you through your teen age years.
Come and Explore With Us:

Learn about what's happening to your body
Understand self esteem and why yours is where it is today
Crack the code to what your peers are truly thinking and why it doesn't matter
Discover what stress is and what it's doing to your body
Unveil the nine levels of intelligence - figure out which ones you're best in

That's just the tip of the iceberg! Hit the buy now button right now in the upper right corner and change your life! This book is cheaper than a small cup of soda and more powerful than a locomotive!

The Building Of a Confident Teen provides young women with a new identity, a new confidence, a new sense of what is going on around them and a new ability to walk confidently in hallways which once were dreaded. Teens who follow this program, beginning to end, will find themselves spending less time worrying and more time enjoying the best years of their lives!
Then the Magic Happens:

You will learn to treat yourself well
You will find the areas in which you excel and understand how to exploit them
You will discover your passions and begin to pursue them
You will recognize and reward yourself when you've done something great (and you will be doing something great everyday!)
You will discover who your true friends are and dump the rest!
You will start making your own decisions and taking responsibility for your actions

And SO MUCH more!

I have seen the carnage that teen years has done to people! I realized last year if I can work with teens and stop the damage that is being done, I can reverse the hurt and pain which continues to build if no help comes. I can help teens develop into motivated, goal attaining, machines! So pick up a copy of "The Building Of a Confident Teen" and you will never look back!

Read this book on your own, or grab Mom and Dad and lets do it together - either way, let's start changing YOUR life today!

About The Co-Author

I’m Gregg Michaelsen. I am a top life/dating coach in Boston, Massachusetts and I work with people to help them build their confidence and self-esteem. I see many of the issues addressed in this book in my adult clients, but I know these things can be fixed when you are teen. This sets you up for a much happier life and greater success as you move into adulthood and make important life choices. Girls, please read my best seller Winning The Game Of Teen Life and #1 best seller To Date a Man You Must Understand Yourself. Young men, please read The Building of a Confident Man and Winning The Game Of Teen Life.

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About the Author

Hi I'm Gregg. I'm one of Boston's top dating coaches. I'm a little crazy (maybe a lot), I break rules, I get bored easy and I help girls and guys get a clue. I won’t bore you with my professional bio. Instead I think you would prefer to hear my story of how I became a dating coach and what makes me qualified to coach you. The irony is I came from a highly dysfunctional family. I saw my parents crumble before my eyes at an early age. Flying dishes seemed normal in my household. I came out a bit angry and proved it with 12 years of failed relationships. But I started seeing positive things in my life too. I saw that couple, that elusive elderly couple holding hands in the park at the ripe old age of eighty. And it gave me hope! I am a problem solver and I can solve anything (I thought)…except relationships - damn it! After a long stretch of being single, in 2009 I had an epiphany. I WANTED ANSWERS TO LOVE. I decided to study my failures and interview as many single people and couples as I could. I needed to find the secret to FINDING the right person and making it last. And do you know where I started? You guessed it, those elusive elderly happy couples! Since then, I’ve talked with thousands of couples; happy couples, unhappy couples, single people of all types and everything in between. I went to work and my friends noticed. They actually pushed me to start a dating advice website. So I did. I started coaching guys. Now I own the top dating site for men; My site has exploded. Why? Because I give REAL dating advice that average men and women can use! Let's face it, if you have GQ looks or the body and face of a model then you don't need my help. I listen to women. They blog on my site and help us guys attract and date quality girls. Women love us too because they get a better selection of men that "GET IT!" Today, after thousands of interviews, I have done it…I have broken the code and I am in a great relationship myself because of it. Now I want to share my findings with YOU! Lately, I have moved into writing and coaching women. The truth is that it was a natural next step. Being completely sincere here: I love and respect women, I honestly do. I have no interest in manipulating them, nor would I ever need to. Over the years I have listened to what women have to say. I know them inside and out. My skills were honed at an early age. I just didn’t know it. I was the little runt in my family - I have three older sisters and I am the only boy. I’ve been doing the dating coach thing for so long now that it’s safe to say I understand what gets under your skin, and what the biggest problems are with your dating lives. I now have eleven Amazon Best Sellers, three of which are #1 Best Sellers. I am not a writer but I sure as HECK can show you how to FIND a great guy and stay happy with him for a long time! Today I travel and teach in all the sexy playgrounds; LA, South Beach and Las Vegas. Call me Hitch or call me Gregg but just call me and watch how we can transform YOUR dating life or HELP your current relationship. I don't just write best sellers - I like to talk directly to my readers and I do as often as I can. My readers are my friends. I am humble and I want to help you. So join me in my quest to SOLVE your dating problems and place you on a NEW and exciting path to an extraordinary relationship! Gregg Michaelsen, Confidence Builder. Dating Coach Ace.

I have been writing since I was in high school and participated as an editor on the school newspaper. I love expressing myself both through the written word, and sometimes through art. I have a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University and became a certified innovation coach in 2012. Both of these have helped me to both understand how people's minds work and tap into my own creativity to find the most effective way to reach them. I love to help people, and one great way to do that is through my writing. My favorite audiences are young children and teens, where I feel I can have a positive impact on the future.

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