The Book of Real No More Drama: I Fly Above

The Book of Real No More Drama: I Fly Above

by Michael Jordan
The Book of Real No More Drama: I Fly Above

The Book of Real No More Drama: I Fly Above

by Michael Jordan


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This book is about being real, speaking, teaching, and showing others what it means to be real. All bets are off and telling it like it is has moved from behind the scenes to the front of the scene allowing you to see people for who they really are and not who they pretend to be.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781546278481
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/28/2019
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

The author is an individual with power. The sound of empowerment coming from his lips of clay crushes your eardrum with extreme force and repairs it all the same time. However, his presence transforms your mind in a split second and you have easily given him your undivided attention with him controlling your entire being and you are changed forever.

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The Rush of God's Favor

We all know that when people say they "get a rush" it simply means to speed or to hurry. Well, we know that God is able to do all things quicker than we think. He is never late! The natural man is always in a hurry with no regards for the waiting period, which is where the manifestation of the blessing is. However, when we turn it loose, release it from our minds, pump the brakes, and allow God to lay it on us, then we get a spiritual rush. Smiling from ear to ear, when we should have been smiling during the waiting period. We feel a rush of release once the manifestation is within our view. Our spirit man knows best. ... God is the "Great I Am" and there is no failure in Him. I found out that there are more than a thousand blessings in the birthing process of waiting. There's something about the rush of God's favor that makes it fair to the believer, but seems unfair to the non-believer. Coming from the Book of Real -- Understand the rush of God's Favor!


Be A Laborer For The Lord

A laborer is a man that does unskilled work for wages. My Father in heaven sent laborers into his plentiful harvest. However, we as people go to work and put our faith into these jobs. Although they talk to us any kind of way, overlook us for promotions, and design jobs to limit us. Many of us deal with this, we show up on time to this job, work hard on this job, sometimes take a backseat to the unskilled and we allow ourselves to be alright with that. BUT we come to the church and refuse to labor in the church for God. We show up late, won't clap our hands, won't open our mouths to bless the Lord, and we never do overtime in the house of the Lord - rushing the message and the service and refusing to give. We're consistent with man but inconsistent with the Lord. When we labor for the Lord He blesses us before we labor. Reason being, He gives us life, He gives us tomorrow when it was not promised to us, He gives us favor in all things, and He is faithful to us. Oh come on people let us labor for the Lord for the pay is above all pay and cannot be matched. God, I respect You and will continue to labor for You. If I labor in good faith I know You are going to give me a crown.


Somehow We Made It Through

When Irma left devastation in the Florida Keys God was there. When Irma rolled back her sleeves and decided to cause water to rise in Biscayne Bay, rolling over into the streets of downtown Miami God was there. When Irma decided to stir up strong winds, destroying things in her path God was there. When Irma was all over the place, frustrating and confusing the weathermen God was there. Even when she visited West Palm Beach, uprooting trees and causing power outages, God was still there. We still have life, our situation is not as bad as it seemed, people prayed, bonded, and acknowledged that God granted us His grace and mercy even when we didn't deserve it. He allowed us to make it through. Don't be verbally tough acting as if you were not impacted. God allowed our faith to be tested with the choice of will you pray and run or pray and stay. Either way safety measures had to be taken. So bow down, worship Him, respect Him, know that He is God alone, and a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! He, and He alone, allowed us to make it through. Heed the warning and receive God while you still have time. Blessings people!


My Letter To The Lord

Lord, it is me standing in the need of prayer again. Prayer is essential and it is my communication with You. You informed me that You are my strength and I believe You. See, I am so grateful that You are my rock and I can come to You at any time. It is so good to know that You never have a closed sign on Your door. I thank You for always making Yourself available to me and now I am making myself more available to You. I love You because You first loved me and gave Your life as a ransom for me.

Lord, I take into consideration that You don't need me but I need You. It has been proven over and over again that I do. You see things I cannot see, know things I don't know, You know what is good for me, and You see trouble coming before I do because you know what's up ahead for me. You designed me in such a way that makes me unique and peculiar. So peculiar to where others may think I'm strange and that is okay because I know I'm anointed. In closing, thank You for seeing about me when I couldn't see about myself and for that I give You praise. Have a blessed day Father and talk to You later.



The Word of God documents that "there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect".

I have made many errors on this Christian journey that has been designed for me. I am grateful for them and I understand that errors will come, and I can ask God for forgiveness. The Word of God says "oh let he without sin cast the first stone", and for that reason is "why upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".

I have also learned while on this journey to keep my eyes on God and my ears open to hear what He is saying. Therefore, I receive what God is downloading into my spirit and I know for sure it is not contrary to His word. We must Study to show ourselves approved. Even the elect has been bamboozled because we will not pick up the Word and know the spiritual facts for ourselves.

Some examples of being bamboozled or guilt-tripped: Many were told that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL and people ran with it. The Word of God says "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil". Yes, definitely bamboozled! People in position in churches try and take you on a guilt-trip saying you should not drink because it is a huge sin to God. Well, His word says it is not a sin to drink alcohol in moderation. The Word of God describes wine as a gift from God that can make life more enjoyable. The Word acknowledges the medicinal value of wine according to 1Timothy 5:23. JESUS, drank wine during his time on earth according to Matthew 26:29 and Luke 7:34. One of His well-known miracles is when He turned water into wine as a generous gift at a marriage feast (cross reference Romans 12:1). Many have been bamboozled because of the opposite teaching of the Word and accepting it without checking it. Now, I will not go out and drink until I sin as in the past causing me to act out of character or becoming a practiced habit in bringing shame to the kingdom of God.

In closing, let us all study, know the Lord for ourselves to prevent from being bamboozled and become greater vessels full of his POWER. Don't be bamboozled and don't be in bondage by the teachings of man if contrary to the Word of the Lord. Be encouraged by the facts of the Word, and study to show yourself approved. Be encouraged at all times!


Check It

When I say "check it" I am simply saying sweep around your own front door before you try and sweep around mine, and take charge of your own faults, your own shortcomings, and your own ignorance. "Check it" I am not angry about anything, I am not angry with anyone, and no one has done anything to me. IT IS THE DAY TO REALLY KEEP IT REAL in church, out of church, in the streets, and out of the streets. The Word of God has no cut on it, neither is it watered down. If the Word says the wages of sin is DEATH, then that is what it is. Why say something different? Just because one may have missed a couple days from church, Bible study or an invited event it does not mean they are somewhere participating in sin or in other words, acting funny. Life is not about what you think of me or what I think of you. It is about praying and lifting each other up in season and out of season.

Don't come at anyone saying that facebook is the devil, stay off of it and pray. While at the same time you're on there friend-requesting me, stalking my page, and talking about who I may be connected to on there, when you should be on your knees praying. "Check it" ... if you did not like what was on my page and you did not come to me about it, but negatively talked about it with others -- "DEFINITELY CHECK IT" ... you're GOSSIPING and I just checked you! So wash your hands and keep them clean.

In closing, we all must continuously pray for each other, don't point out other's sins to cover yours and stop using God, claiming He told you to tell me to stay off facebook while you're on there 24/7. "Check it" ... I know God gave me this platform to encourage, empower, and spread His Gospel. I have a relationship with Him and what we talk about is between Him and I. Now, if he reveals it through whatever vessel He chooses then let it be. I will accept it because He has already dealt with me about all of my flaws. So when you come in flesh and not spirit, what you think is a cut has already been bandaged. Now "check it" ... in all we do just do it in good faith and be led by the Spirit, watch your delivery, and do not lie on God. Be encouraged, stay prayerful, stay blessed, and clean your porch because I cannot if mine has a sand pile and I'm using all my energy to sweep it.


What Are You Going To Do

In this day and time we must take an inventory of the path we are on and ask ourselves, what are we going to do? When it comes to the things of this world we are quick to take part, do it, and do it quickly. However, when it comes to the things of the Lord we move extremely slow. Yes, we all have been guilty of this action at least once in our lifetime. I am here to serve notice to all including myself as it relates to the Word, "be in a hurry for no such thing". We are to be planted in Christ and be Christ-like according to the Word. Phillipians 4:6 states "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Let your request be known to God" and it states in Psalms 46:10 "be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations and the earth." Proverbs 19:2 documents "desire without knowledge is not good and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way." You must continually be encouraged and happy. Therefore, we must think and be slow to the trends of the world but run to God in a hurry, pray, and wait patiently on Him.


The Passion of A Mother

The passion of a mother is to be recognized at all times. Her passion is a feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, and a feeling of being romantic. Be advised, at times a mother will have a strong feeling of anger when her children are mistreated which causes her to act in a dangerous way. She displays love with a passion, caring for others with a passion, cooks with a passion, provides direction to her children with a passion, and even corrects with a passion. A mother is the Most Valuable Player in all areas of life and she will bend over backwards to ensure that all is well with everyone around her omitting her needs. Because she knows the Lord will take care.

On the approach, a mother keeps a smile on her face even when all is not going well or working in her favor. A mother will be there for her children when they are in need but will not support them in breaking the law, when she has taught them right from wrong. Along with her passion comes strength. She will endure nearly drowning in a relationship to display that she is in it to win it even when her emotions, mental state of being, and feelings are below sea level. The passion and strength of a mother makes her the Queen of all queens with her destiny fulfilled. Oh watch the passion and strength of a mother when the walls are coming down she never panics but is still standing. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the entire world. Handle your business!


Speaking The Reality Of Truth

What's on my mind is always speaking the reality of my truth. Meaning, I am not going to support you when you are wrong and I don't expect you to support me when I am wrong. If an issue or a concern is evident then speak the truth on it, call me on the carpet, and I should be able to accept it and you must as well.

Sideways shade about anything is a cowardly move. For instance if we are friends or business associates and things appear to be coming to an end or it appears I may have pulled back then do not take it personal, be open, real, and man/ woman enough to approach me, and I have to be real enough to listen. I must respect you and your outlook on the matter and you must do the same. My take is if you have to wait and use a platform full of people to say what is your gripe with me then you are acting cowardly. Yes, I will pull back from you. My final decision as it relates to you and your actions is YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and if I pulled back CHECK YOUR PETTINESS because evidently you did something shady or refused to recognize your wrong and DAMN RIGHT I will be gone.

My own mind. Yes, I have my own mind. I have always thought for myself, can admit when I'm wrong, and yes my sense of smelling knows B-S; so I will be the spray and ELIMINATE you (the odor). In closing, I am using this as a scenario as to something I witnessed. When it comes to my doorstep I will handle it and you as the problem. Last but not least, we can't always think people are disrespectful with their response if your approach or delivery is wrong. So know your business and do right so you can be right. END OF STORY! I will support right and not wrong; and will check you if you check me. The rule of even swap nor swindle still remains.



Readymade means something already established. However, boy meets girl and during the conversation she explains she has a child, she's still in school, still live with her parents, and believes in finding a boyfriend who has goals and working toward them. In exchange he tells her that he can work with that and informs her he works hard, believe in obtaining the goals he has set, he loves to travel, and is going to start a business. In exchange she tells him she can work with that and now a relationship flourishes for the first two years. Fast forward, entering the third year of the relationship she becomes frustrated because he travels all the time and he becomes frustrated because the child is in middle school and she attends all of his events with no time to cook. The relationship starts to separate because of what is going on from both sides. As said Readymade means established already. Therefore, the relationship should not be falling apart due to the issues. Both parties informed the other about what was pre-established prior to the relationship and agreed to accept and build from it. Coming from the Book of Real -- Both parties need to develop a working solution, stay together, continue to build, and make it work. Next time not allow lust to force you to accept something knowing you have bitten off more than you can chew....... Work on it.


Good Morning America

Good Morning America! If you are up then give thanks to the Almighty King. Begin your day with thanks and let God in, tell the devil NO and rule him out, embrace friends that approach with positivity and tell them you love them, and tell the ones approaching with negativity that you have no time for it, I'm praying for you, and bye until you get that part together. Now, when a saint approaches and says "Hello, I have not seen you in service in a while"? Reply respectfully, say "I know, but I'm sure you've been praying for me, love you." Cancel the bad check before it is written. In closing, America give thanks, love one another, stop making excuses saying you're keeping it real when you are actually being shady. IN ALL WE DO OWN WHAT WE OWN! Your flaws don't need to be justified by anyone. Have an excellent day! Coming from the Book of Real for sure.


Who's He To You

Woman, you and I are together in a relationship. I respect you, I love you, I take care of you, and still you are unfaithful to me and to this union; who is he to you? I kept your kids while you worked, made sure they were fed while you went to school to better yourself, and while you rested I assisted them with their homework. I just have to know, who is he to you? At times you would stay out late when I knew for sure you had nothing on your schedule, who is he to you? You were so in-tuned to him until you no longer had regards for me and what we built. Tell me who is he to you? The one time you made him upset he physically harmed you. However, I was very upset with all the disrespect and challenges you put me through, and still I loved you knowing that what we've established no longer mattered to you. Can you tell me who is he to you?


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