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The Book of Gad The Seer: Hebrew Translation

The Book of Gad The Seer: Hebrew Translation

by Ti Burtzloff


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This is the Hebrew Translation of The Book of Gad The Seer as Referred to in 1 Chronicles 29:29 which is given as follows:

Now the acts of David the King first and last, behold, they are written in the book of Samuel the Seer, and in the book of Nathan the Prophet, and in the book of Gad the Seer,

This book also contains the English version.

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Publication date: 02/25/2015
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About the Author

My name is Mark Allen Church. And I actually used to study the bible with the author of this book. And I am going to tell you what it was like during those days that I studied with Ti Burtzloff. So many testimonies were always happening in those days that it can be challenging to select only (one) for the purpose of not turning the (About the Author) section into a (whole book) of modern day bible stories. But suffice it to say that I can tell you of a day that Ti Burtzloff and myself were walking, and Ti Burtzloff took hold of a staff which he called the Rod of God and he led me to a man and when we approached the man, Ti Burtzloff said to the man, "HEY BROTHER WE KNOW THE LORD LED US TO YOU, HOW ARE YOU DOIN?" The man sticks out his wrists, which were bleeding profusely and he says, "I'M NOT DOING TOO WELL I JUST CAME OUT OF THE (CEMETERY) WHERE I WAS CUTTING MYSELF WITH THESE KNIVES. He was bleeding so bad that we decided to take him under some trees for shade. This could be compared to the bible story of the man in the TOMBS (CEMETERY), who was cutting himself with sharp rocks. In a similar way, this man was coming out of the CEMETERY, who had been cutting his wrists with sharp knives! These are the type of miracles that transpired constantly during those days that Ti Burtzloff invited me to come and join him in the street ministry. I still remember those days vividly, it was like the bible stories would COME ALIVE! That's why it really doesn't even amaze me anymore when Ti Burtzloff writes these books that were written by actual prophets of bible times. Because I sometimes look back on those days that I used to study the bible with Ti Burtzloff. And that's when I realize that I could tell you about miraculous testimonies all day long like you wouldn't believe!

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